5 Common Types of Sports Injuries

Being physically active via sports and other pursuits has many positive effects on one’s health. Despite this, sports injuries are always a possibility. Sports injuries Lawrenceville may occur due to wearing improper gear. In addition, a lot of injuries occur because individuals are not in good enough shape. Injuries might also happen if you don’t warm up properly before a game or workout.

Here are common types of sports injuries;


Sprains occur when the ligaments in particular body parts are torn or overstretched. Your joint will be able to move in a manner that is not natural to it, and you may have discomfort and swelling as a result. Elevating the affected region and applying pressure with a bandage might help reduce swelling. If you have a severe sprain, you may consult an orthopedic surgery or sports medicine


Your mind probably goes straight to your ankles when you think about sprains. But sprains may happen everywhere there are ligaments, including your back, knees, wrists, and even your thumbs. These are the kinds of injuries that plague athletes regularly but might affect anybody.


While a sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched too far or torn, a strain occurs when muscles or tendons are stretched too far. Most of the body’s tendons are formed of thick, fibrous connective fibers that link bone to muscle. Pain and restricted motion in the strained region are common symptoms of a strain.

Strains can happen to anyone. Overexertion, prolonged repetitive action, a fall or slip, or even prolonged sitting or standing digitalnewshour may all lead to similar ailments as sports activities and workouts can.


Sports injuries may cause dislocations to some parts of the body. Dislocations occur when a bone dislodges from a joint and are a sight for sore eyes. Dislocations occur when a bone is forcibly removed from its socket, which may lead to nerve and ligament damage if you don’t have it checked out right once.

Generally, dislocations happen when something hits out of place or is unanticipated. Dislocations are not only common among athletes but also among the elderly owing to their decreased capacity to avoid falls and limited movement.

Achilles tendon rupture

Injuries at the rear of the lower leg, such as Achilles tendon ruptures, are more common than injuries to the front, like shin splints. Your Achilles tendon enables you to walk on your toes, point them forward, and push off them. All your weight is on it every time you put weight on your feet.

Overstretching the Achilles tendon may cause a tear in the tendon, perhaps to the bone. An instant, severe pain in the back of the lower leg and ankle may develop, possibly interfering with normal walking. Seek quick medical attention if you experience pain and a popping sound in your heel after an accident.


Even though our bones are sturdy and flexible to some degree, bone fractures may still happen to anybody, particularly in high-risk situations like sports. Bone fractures occur when the bone is subjected to a force greater than it can withstand; this may occur in various ways, including falls, recurrent stress, or a direct hit to the odishadiscoms bone.

You may experience sports injuries at some point if you are an athlete. Call Performance Pain and Sports Medicine to book your appointment for sports injury treatment.

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