5 solid reasons why the aftercare plan works perfectly for substance abuse.

The actions that you do after the rehab treatment is done is what decides if you will ever relapse or if you will stay sober. Your transition from a rehab treatment to a life of sober-living is vital as much as you getting the treatment for your addiction. There are basically two journeys, the first is from your addiction phase to the rehab treatment phase, then from the rehab treatment to sobriety. That journey from the rehab treatment to sobriety comes through the aftercare plan.

The acts that the patents do after getting rehab treatment is what determines how their life will go and the quality of life they will be experiencing. Without an aftercare plan there can be some problems after going back to your old lifestyle, there can be triggers that still affect you, and through processes that can derail your sobriety in the long run. Your post-rehab life can become a series of anxious decisions and moments and no one wants that.

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The whole gist of the aftercare plan is to keep the patient accountable for their teachings they got during the rehab treatment program and to help them stay committed to them for a month or two as they slowly adjust to the real world.

What exactly is aftercare?

Aftercare, in very simple terms is a program that is designed specifically to help alcoholics and addicts transition into their lives outside of the rehab treatment. It offers a safe environment to the people who have discharged from their treatment program so they can relearn and apply all those things into the real world.

What does aftercare plan do?

The aftercare plan adds structure as well as accountability into the mix inside a sober-living environment. It helps the patients stay fully focused on the treatment activities and the therapeutic programs that will be administered during their aftercare plan period.

Five solid reasons why aftercare plan works.

  1. It can treat your chronic addiction. This is something that the aftercare plan does, and this is one of the reasons why people are advised to go to aftercare program to treat their chronic diseases. Addiction as well as alcoholism are considered chronic problems.
  2. It focusses on mental health and any underlying problems. The aftercare plan tries to find any left mental issues that were not addressed during the inpatient treatment program, these mental health issues can become a problem after rehab is done and can be the reason for the relapse to happen. Therefore, aftercare plan focusses on the mental issues and solves them.
  3. Keeps you accountable. The aftercare plan makes sure that you do all the post-discharge activities that are advised to the patients after rehab is done. According to research, only 20 percent of people do these post-discharge activities and 80 percent do not do them fully or do them partially which is the reason why 50 percent chances are there of relapsing after rehab treatment.To find more information about importance touch here Mywikinews
  4. Guidance is offered. When someone goes through the aftercare plan, they are brought together to meet former post-rehab treatment patients who went through the aftercare plan and they share their experiences similar to the group therapies that people have. This can revitalize people’s motivation and mindset which can help them get through the aftercare plan also.
  5. Catering community. Through the aftercare plan, you will be able to develop a dependable community that you can rely on in hard times. This is the thing that will keep you sober.

Therefore, if you have finished your inpatient treatment program and you do not want to experience any chances of relapsing then click here now to get an aftercare program with the help of a rehab center.

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