6 Crucial Knee Pain Don’ts

Knee pain is common and can occur due to overuse, direct injury to the knee, weak muscles, or other medical conditions. Your knee plays a critical role in your daily life, and knee pain can significantly limit your life and make even simple tasks hard to complete. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can deal with knee pain. You only need medical assistance from experts like the San Diego knee pain specialists first to accurately diagnose your condition. The right diagnosis leads to the right course of treatment for your knee pain. Whichever recovery path is best for you, there are several general rules for dealing with knee pain. See herein.

Do Not Rest Your Knee for a Long

Rest is one of the ways you can minimize knee pain. It can allow you to incorporate other pain management techniques like cold and hot therapies. However, rest is important for the initial discomfort only. It is essential to talk to your doctor if your pain does not improve with rest to look for alternatives. On the other side, resting too long can inactivate the joint and the overall functionality of the knee. Therefore, get out after getting enough rest and begin low-impact activities and exercises to strengthen your knee muscles. Be careful not to overdo the activities or risk more pain.

Do Not Fall

Any chances of accidents when recovering from knee pain should be avoided as much as possible. Tripping, slipping, or falling from knee pain can worsen your injuries and lengthen your recovery. Therefore, you should minimize your risks by wearing proper shoes with adequate support, especially those with soft rubber soles. Also, walk on well-lit staircases and hallways at home. Clear anything out of the way that might cause a fall.

Do Not Shy Off the Cane

Walking with a cane might not be aesthetically appalling but can be necessary to help your knee recover. Therefore, you better put yourself together and take the cane when you move around for stability. The cane helps you take some pressure off your knee to promote healing, limit pain with movement, and avoid further complications. Talk to your doctor to understand how to use the tool for full benefits. Get a strong tool with a rubber tip and ensure it matches the sour height. You can also choose the color and style that appeals to you to encourage you to use it.

Do Not Sleep as Usual

Wrong sleeping positions can worsen knee pain or increase the chances of further complications. Change your usual sleeping position if it causes pain as you sleep. You can try different positions until you find ease. Remember to put a pillow between your legs when you sleep on your side. Also, avoid propping up your knee in one position or bending it while you sleep. It might become hard the next morning to reverse the position.

Do Not Forget to Stretch

Physical activity is critical for your knee pain recovery. However, your knee can become tight during your break, and getting back to your activities right away can cause more problems. Do some stretches before embarking on your mild exercises to stretch your muscles. Talk to your doctor about easy moves you can make daily for effective recovery.

Knee pain can go easily with proper care. Talk to the specialists at Gain Wellness Center to understand the right treatment for your condition based on your unique needs. Your provider will also help you understand what you can avoid and what you can do.

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