7 of the Best Amenities JFK Has to Offer

As you travel through any airport, it immediately will become clear to you that you will need more than your flight when traveling.

This is especially true if you are waiting for a long time at the airport – either in preparation for a flight or waiting to board a follow-up flight as part of your layover. While waiting in an airport, you will need to endure any number of processes, including customs/security checks, the swapping of flight crews, or even filling the aircraft carrier with gas.

While you are waiting, it is likely that you will need to find things to do. Thankfully, there are tons of things to do at JFK. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, you can get all the details on how to fill your time with entertaining activities or how to recharge before your flight.

Whether it’s finding a great restaurant or finding ways to relax, JFK’s got it all.

After you have located reliable luggage storage in JFK Airport to be able to maneuver lighter and with less stress, enjoy these seven of the best amenities that JFK Airport has to offer you while you are in between flights.

Shopping Opportunities

The first thing that JFK offers is a variety of shopping options for travelers from all around the world. If you’re in Terminal 1, you can find a number of high-end stores such as Coach and Juicy Couture.

If you are instead looking for a variety of tech items, consider heading over to Terminal 2. There you will find items such as phone charging cords and noise-canceling headphones.

If you’re someone who loves the Duty Free, you should definitely visit Terminal 4, where you will find affordable prices on colognes, liquor, or makeup.

And if you’re an avid reader and forgot to bring a book for your flight, head over to Terminal 5, which has got a New York Times Store.

Airline Lounges

For those of you who like to use your time in the airport to relax, you will want to visit one of JFK’s 23 airline lounges.

For those interested in purchasing a single-use day pass, you will want to check out Prime Class Lounge, Wing Tips Lounge, or those affiliated with Aer Lingus, Air France, Alaska, or American.

If you are a member of the military (or a family member of someone in the military), you can visit USO Lounge – this lounge is in a dedicated area in Terminal 5. When visiting any of these lounges, it’s best to plan ahead to determine if there are any discounts you can use.

Either way, if you do visit these lounges, they are great places to rest, relax, recharge, and re-fuel complimentary food and drink. When sitting in their plush lounge chairs, you can also recharge your electronics or catch up on some work.

Be Relax Spa

If you’re looking for extra relaxation and you’ve got a substantial amount of time during your layover, consider spending some time in the airport’s spa!

 Be Relax spa, which is located in Terminal 5, has got a variety of relaxation options, including full body massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy treatment, facials, or a pedicure. Open seven days a week; this is an excellent option if you are looking to pamper yourself.

Eating Options

For those looking to use their time in JFK to re-fuel, this airport has got plenty of food options. Whether you’re looking for Turkish peynirli toast, Irish pub grub, specialty desserts, pre-made paninis, craft beer, flatbreads, wraps, or a wine bar, JFK’s has got it all.

One of the more popular spaces for enjoying food is the BRKLYN Beer Garden, located in Terminal 2.

Not only is the beer great, but they have got a cool iPad ordering system and game station. Some visitors are split on whether the quality of the food is as great as the beer.

And so, if you’re not willing to take that risk, you may want to eat elsewhere.

Internal Travel

One of the cool features of JFK is its free monorail – or what many of the locals like to call the “air-train.” This monorail operates every 2–5 minutes and connects all of the six existing terminals at JFK.

In addition to the monorail, between Terminals 2 and 4, Delta Airlines and its affiliates operate the Jitney shuttle bus.

While you shouldn’t be required to re-clear security upon arrival as you move on these internal forms of travel, it’s always best to first check with an agent in the event that it impacts your ability to access your flight time.

TWA Fitness

For those who are considered TWA Hotel overnight and Daytripper℠ guests, JFK offers a great amenity – complimentary TWA Fitness for all those who are registered.

This gym is located inside of the TWA Hotel. Inside this 10,000-square-foot facility, visitors will find futuristic equipment that includes treadmills, ellipticals, kettlebells, resistance bands, and a TRX suspension trainer.

Visitors can also benefit from a Peloton cycling studio, yoga studio, and a series of stretch and mobility training classes.

Like most gyms, this location is also fitted with lockers, changing rooms, and salon-style vanities.

Children’s Play Area

Finally, for those of you traveling who your parents are, you will be glad to know that JFK also has an enclosed children’s play area in Terminal 5. 

This location contains toddler activity toys and interactive playthings – all of which will help keep your children entertained and give you a well-needed break.

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