7 Things To Discuss During Your OBGYN Appointment- Dr. Nicole DeQuattro

Occasionally, women might feel uneasy discussing their sexual behaviors, periods, physical changes, and medical concerns with their gynecologist. Nevertheless, giving your gynecologist complete information about yourself is essential to receive the necessary care and therapy. Early detection of signs and illnesses allows for prevention or treatment before they worsen. At Capital Women’s Care, you can access top-quality OB/GYN care for all your obstetric and gynecologic needs. Here are some key topics you should discuss with Dr. Nicole DeQuattro Silver Spring during your routine OB/GYN visit.

1) Menstrual Cycle

Tell your gynecologist if you have had any of the following shifts in your menses:

  •       Abnormal flow
  •       Spotting
  •       Painful or irregular periods
  •       Clotting
  •       Or any other shifts you are worried about

These shifts could be normal, but they might also indicate other concerns, including uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory illness, or endometriosis. Your gynecologist will assist you in determining if these shifts are usual or unusual and will administer any necessary treatment.

2) Atypical Symptoms

Notify your gynecologist of any unexpected symptoms, including discomfort, weight loss or gain, breast tenderness, nausea, and spotting. Additionally, you should tell your doctor how long you have been suffering these symptoms, the severity of your discomfort if the condition is intermittent or constant, and what triggers or aggravates the issue. Other helpful information to disclose includes whether you use any prescription, over-the-counter, herbal, or homeopathic drugs for symptom management.

3) Sexual Activity

Discussing your sexual history with your OBGYN could be awkward, but your physician needs to know about any past illnesses or sexually transmitted infections you have experienced. Your gynecologist could establish why you are experiencing discomfort during intercourse and respond to questions about other sexual issues. Often, bleeding or discomfort during intercourse stem from dryness, infections, and other underlying health concerns.

4) Contraception

Inform your OBGYN if you are using birth control tablets or any other kind of contraception. If not, you can explore the appropriate options based on your lifestyle, preferences, and other factors. You should also raise your concerns if you are experiencing adverse effects from a particular contraception.

5) Conception and Fertility

Notify your gynecologist if you are expectant or want to get pregnant. Your doctor can offer helpful guidance regarding pregnancy testing, early indicators of pregnancy and infertility, and ovulation kits. Additionally, your OBGYN can provide genetic carrier screening before pregnancy.

6) Reduced Libido

Although having reduced libido is common, you should talk about it with your OBGYN to establish the reason for your concerns. Occasionally, stress and specific drugs could cause reduced libido, or it could be an indication of another inherent health concern. In these situations, your doctor will determine the root cause and suggest a care plan to boost your libido.

7) Breast Self-Exams

You should be knowledgeable about your breasts. Assessing your breasts once every month will assist you in recognizing unusual symptoms or changes. Check your breasts for any changes in texture or color, and ensure there are no spots. Notify your gynecologist if you experience pain, hardened tissue, or lumps. Your doctor will identify the reason for these abnormalities and prescribe the necessary medication.

Remember that your gynecologist is an excellent resource to consult and could assist you in obtaining the necessary care. Regardless of the obstetric or gynecological condition or concern you have, Dr. Nicole DeQuattro 52av can help. Call the Laurel or Silver Spring, MD office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

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