7 Unforeseen Facts about Scoliosis

Did you know scoliosis is a common spinal condition affecting 2-3% of the American population? If you have an uneven shoulder and waist, you should consult your doctor because these are some signs of scoliosis. Doctors assert that scoliosis Sandy Springs is becoming more popular than before. However, new opportunities for treating the condition are becoming more advanced and popular. You should learn more about this condition, from signs to risk factors. In this article, we will highlight the  7 unforeseen facts about scoliosis.

1. Diagnosing Scoliosis Early Is Crucial

Through scoliosis-specific physical therapy, specialists can treat kids with spinal curves of approximately 25 degrees. This process is vital because surgery is unnecessary, as vitamin D supplementation and brace are enough. Early treatment is vital to the patient as the treatment process is easy and effective, posing healthy advantages to the patient.

2. Nobody Knows Most Causes of Scoliosis

Research by the Scoliosis Research Society claimed that 8 in 10 cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, with unknown causes. However, since the problem may run in families, scholars argue that scoliosis and genetics have a strong connection. Other cases of the condition are congenital, portraying that something wrong occurred when the baby was still developing in the womb. Others argue that scoliosis may result from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spine bone complications.

3.Not All Braces Are Identical

When the doctor recommends braces, you should talk with him comprehensively to ensure the effective and best brace is utilized to prevent scoliosis from worsening. Effective braces are critical since they stimulate the upright spine. Your child should wear the brace as the doctor prescribed to ensure they enjoy the benefits.

4. Spinal Surgery Can Treat Youngsters and Adults With Scoliosis

Braces cannot be the solution to scoliosis for individuals who are not growing anymore. However, the doctor sometimes uses them to support sore backs temporarily. You can use surgeries to treat the condition, including microdecompression, spinal fusion, and surgical stabilization.

5. The Common Type of Scoliosis Begins After Puberty

The main type of scoliosis is adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and is mainly detected between 10-15 years old. Your kids should receive a spine check every time they see a pediatrician for early detection and treatment.

6. Scoliosis Is Not Only a Cosmetic Problem

Staying with untreated scoliosis may be dangerous because your lung function may be impaired once the curve reaches the 70-degree stage. Alternatively, curves exceeding 90 degrees may impair both lung and heart function.

7. You Can Still Participate In the Sport Even with Scoliosis

Scoliosis cannot impact your sports engagement if you ensure your core and back are strong. Doctors usually encourage people to engage in physical activities if they have scoliosis. Children can also remove the braces and engage in dances and athletics.

Get a Scoliosis Specialist Today

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