A complete Guide to Download Geometry Dash APK for Free!

Everyone has fun playing games in their mobile irrespective of their age. The mobile games are fun to play and can be a great way to spend your free time. One such game is Geometry dash whichcan be played both in PC and android mobile. The whole premise of the game is interesting and at first look might be simple looking. But those who have played this game can vouch for the fact that it is very complex. Thousands have become fanatics of this game and we know that you are interested in it too. If you are looking for geometry dash apk for free download, then you will find it here.

Geometry Dash- Addictive multi-level game!

The application was originally developed by RobTop and it was introduced in the year 2013. Since then, the game started getting rave reviews from those who played it. It became quite popular and continues to enhance its versatility with new versions. There are many features in this game that make it fantastic to play during free time. The multi-level game is very fun to play and many have become its addicts. It is very fast paced even from the starting level. With each level, the player has to face new obstacles and difficulties. This increasing difficulty is what makes this game a unique one.

Play to the beats in geometry dash!

The addictive mobile game consists of rhythm running where the player has to play according to the beats. When you play according to the beats, you can cross most of the obstacles easily. As we have mentioned, the goal of the game is to not hit any obstacles by jumping and flying over them. You have to jump over the spikes and land on the platforms to be alive. However, if you hit any obstacles, you will die and you have to start the game once again. The recent version of the game contains many new features like maps and secret coins. You can check it here.

Avoid obstacles with quick reflexes!

Geometry dash apk is actually very difficult to play since the screen is moving very fast. There is a square that looks like a silly face and it has to be controlled by the player. The player can make it jump or bounce in order to avoid hitting the spikes and other obstacles. The difficulty level increases with each level and also the obstacles vary at each time. Depending upon the terrain of the level, the obstacles differ and they also show up at unexpected places. This requires the player to be attentive and completely focused on the game. They will require quick reflexes and better hand eye coordination in order to avoid any obstacle. The game is very thrilling to play and that is why Geometry dash has numerous fans.

Interesting Attributes Of Geometry Dash Apk!

If you want to play this thrilling and interesting game, make use of geometry dash apk for free download. The free apk version has all the new features of the application. They are given below and make the game much more intriguing.

  •   The geometry dash game has two modes which are normal and practice. The new version has this practice mode feature where you can try the game and know about it. This way you will be prepared for what’s to come later in the game.
  •   Each level has a unique soundtrack to add to the versatility of the game.
  •   You will never get bored of the game since there are unlimited levels with increasing difficulty.
  •   The player can even customize their icon and have several options to choose from.
  •   There is no need to worry about any in app purchases that might prove to be a headache.
  •   One can also enjoy features like flip gravity and fly rocket in this new apk version.

Other Interesting Features of Geometry Dash!

Apart from the features that are listed above, there are many things that make this apk version awesome. This recent apk version has all skins unlocked and all maps unlocked. Unlimited money and flying ability is also enabled in this modified apk version. You will not be disturbed by any ads and can have the time of your life while playing it. Did you know that you can create your own levels and maps in Geometry dash? You get to share it with your friends too in this fantastic geometry dash game. We know that you are intrigued about the game by now. Please remember that geometry dash apk for free downloadis now available.

Step by step instructions to Download geometry dash apk for free in Android Mobile

If you are looking for instructions on how to download geometry dash apk, here it is. We have given the steps clearly for downloading the apk for free. Please follow these simple steps and enjoy playing the geometry dash game will all its features unlocked!

  •   Click on your preferred link for geometry dash apk for free download.
  •   This will initiate the downloading process in your mobile.
  •   Now you have to visit the settings of your mobile phone. Then you have to visit the security settings of your mobile.
  •   The next step is to click the enable the “unknown sources” option. This will allow you to download applications from third party websites.
  •   All you have to do now is install the apk file of geometry dash by opening the downloaded file.
  •   After it is installed, you can now enjoy the geometry dash game in your android mobile for free.

Step by step Instructions to Download geometry dash apk for free in PC

If you are downloading the geometry dash apk for free downloadin your PC, then follow these steps.

  •   Visit your browser and click on the preferred link for downloading geometry dash apk for free download.
  •   When you are downloading the apk version in the PC, you need an emulator like Bluestacks. Please download it in your computer.
  •   After the free geometry dash apk version is completely downloaded, select the downloaded file.
  •   The emulator will automatically run the installation of the geometry dash apk version.
  •   After installation, you can play the game either from the desktop icon or the emulator.

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