Are You Aware Of These Dangers Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects with a reddish-brown coloration. They are wingless in appearance. However, bedbug bites get cured within a few weeks and do not spread diseases. On the other hand, their bites can cause severe allergic and skin reactions in people. 

Bed bug control is necessary for a lot of reasons besides just for your health concerns. Bedbugs hide in the crevices and corners of the house. They mostly come out at night to feast on humans. Additionally, bed bug infestations have severely harmful effects that can cause irreparable damage to life and property.

Different damages that bed bugs can cause 

  • Bacterial infection

Bedbug bites can lead to minor open wounds due to consistent scratching. The entry of germs and bacteria becomes easier with the wound. If left untreated, it can develop into a bacterial infection and cause swelling in the skin and redness around the area.

  • Stress

Bed bug infestations are stress-inducing for homeowners. They are constantly under the pressure of damage caused by bed bugs and their repair. Consistent stress can lead to emotional anxiety, which is proven to cause several health issues.

Similarly, emotional anxiety can affect the immune system and increase the inability to fight antigens., posing a higher risk of infection. High rates of stress can also lead to an increased heart rate and blood pressure. It has adverse effects on the digestive system as well. Lastly, it affects people on all levels, making them more susceptible to disease. 

  • Bed bugs destroy homes and furnishings.

A bed bug infestation can completely ruin the interior of your house and furnishings. Bed bugs may cause stains on the bedsheets, mattresses, carpets, walls, and curtains with their blood and fecal matter. They also leave their shed skins around the house. Bed bug infestation can be financially draining for homeowners as replacement of damaged furniture and other household items are costly.  

  • Allergic reaction

An allergic reaction is possible due to bed bug bites. It is hazardous and must be taken as a serious health concern. Bed bugs feast on people’s blood, and many face severe allergic reactions when they get bit by bed bugs. It can lead to fatal conditions in worse situations, especially for children. 

Hypersensitive people can experience anaphylactic shock after the bite. Seeking immediate medical assistance is necessary in such cases, as it can pose a significant danger to life. Several follow-up reactions to a bed bug bite include wheezing, experiencing tightness in the chest or throat, and swollen mouthparts. 

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