Building Your Reputation as an Education Leader

Whether you are an established education leader or a new one, your reputation can determine your tenure’s future. Your leadership reputation is the way people evaluate your level of integrity or character. I want to use a grade calculator. For example, you were a high school’s assistant principal, and now, you are getting promoted to the principal’s position at another high school. I want to use a cumulative GPA calculator.

However, some of your former colleagues may feel something different about you. The employees at your new school will naturally inquire about your reputation once they hear about your appointment. Unfortunately, the negative rumors will be spread more by most people than the positive stories.

Identify Your Present Leadership Reputation

Asking a colleague is another effective idea to get authentic and constructive feedback.

Establish Your Desired Reputation

You can always alter your reputation and try to shape it the way you want it to be. Initially, individuals will believe negative things about you, but you can change this perception by challenging their beliefs. Introduce the real you to them, and your reputation should start to build.

Don’t Force People to Like You

When some people discover that others think negatively about them or don’t like them, they make special efforts to be liked. Remember that it can harm your leadership ability and spoil your tenure.

Create a Charm Offensive

Try to build a charm offensive rather than making special efforts to be liked. Here, you need to use a pleasant attitude to change people’s viewpoint about you. This will eventually make you a pleasant personality in people’s eyes, improving your reputation.

Prioritize Accountability

There may be significant validity in the negative stories said by others about you. In that case, take your time to chalk out a strategy to work on those negative attributes.

Reflect On Your Activities

Preferably daily but at least weekly, take time to think about the things you are doing carefully. Be sure to find a quiet place. Do you feel proud of the decisions you’ve made and the interactions you’ve had with colleagues? Were those interactions and decisions representative of a person with morals and integrity? Is this all you can do to achieve your reputation goals? Humans make mistakes, so consider them as part of life. Learn from the mistakes and continue working toward your reputation goals.

Can you suggest any other strategies to build education leaders’ reputations? Let me know your thoughts. I spent 20 years in education and have always been an education leader. I had dreams of being a principal or superintendent, but left that dream for a position in higher education. As of now, I am considered an expert when it comes to higher education. A lot of my friends are either principals or superintendents, but God choose another path for me. I want to be a college president, so lets see what God has in store for me next. All I have to do is stay the course and be the best educator that I can be.


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