Common Conditions Treated By Women Care

Even though both men and women suffer from some conditions, some health issues affect women more adversely than their male counterparts. If these conditions are left untreated, it increases the risk of suffering from infertility and cancer. In most instances, the women are prevented from suffering from these conditions by regularly visiting an OB/GYN. However, regardless of being at risk, most women do not see the need to visit the specialist regularly to visit them when their condition has worsened. As such,  Womens Care is vital in eliminating most risks associated with females. The following are the common conditions that can be treated by having a woman’s care.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

This is one of the most common conditions suffered by women. The women suffer from these problems during the last two weeks of their menstrual cycle. They could have symptoms such as breast tenderness, stomach aches, cramps, cravings, and acne. They also suffer from anxiety, depression, fatigue, and problems staying or falling asleep. The person can control this condition by consuming grains and veggies since they are carb-rich. You should also visit the specialist to diagnose the condition and offer the best scooptimes treatment.

Breast Cancer

Breast has been one of the leading cancers affecting women and leading to many deaths. Women are advised to have monthly self-examination to check whether they have any breast changes. Moreover, after reaching 40 years, they are advised to have annual mammograms. Besides, if the woman carries BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, they are recommended to have a 3D mammography since they are at a higher risk of having breast cancer.

Prenatal Health

Whether pregnant or not, you should start embracing measures to protect your prenatal health. Pregnancy and birthing are difficult and take a toll on the individual’s body. The person should start preparing for it by eating food rich in calcium, vegetables, and iron. Moreover, the person should take folic supplements three months before getting pregnant. It would help to minimize the risk of having neural tube defects in the baby. You should seek advice from the doctor on the other measures you should apply.

Urinary Tract Infections

This disease occurs when the germs enter the individual’s urethra and multiply. The problem is more common in women than men since women have a shorter urethra reducing the distance the bacteria will travel to reach the bladder. You could have frequent urination, cloudy urine, and pain or burning when urinating. The physician can prescribe the antibiotics you should take to treat the condition.  

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Most people are still confusing ovarian and cervical cancer. Ovarian cancer starts from the fallopian tube, while cervical cancer originates from the lower uterus. Even though these conditions can cause similar pain, you could have a discharge and pain during intercourse if you have cervical cancer. Having cervical and ovarian cancer screening would help the specialist identify and treat the Jmdhindi condition early before it worsens.

Most women want to take care of their health but do not know where to start. Are you looking for a facility that could offer you the best woman care? You should rest because Suncoast Women’s Care is here to serve you. The facility has been attracting many women due to its quality services. The specialists are friendly and ready to listen to what could be worrying you. Visit the facility and start taking care of your health.

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