Essential Information about PEMF Therapy

Chronic pain management may require treatment options like non-drug treatments. Think of PEMF therapy as recharging your body cells while improving symptoms and alleviating pain. PEMF therapy Brooklyn can help you improve body functioning and increase the body’s ability to recover from injuries. The therapy has proven effective in addressing musculoskeletal functions and strengthening your immune system to improve your overall body health. Depending on the condition you want treatment for, your doctor will suggest the proper intensity of the PEMF treatment.

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field involves sending low magnetic frequencies into your body to heal your bones, muscles, and organs. The therapy can address chronic pain, injuries, and sometimes conditions like diabetes and depression.

Who May Need PEMF Therapy?

The therapy can treat acute pain originating from forms of arthritis, chronic back pain, and injuries. You can also get PEMF for pain after surgeries to improve your mobility, pain after cancer treatments, and exhaustion from multiple sclerosis. Your doctor will recommend the intensity of electromagnetic frequencies, the duration, and the frequency you need to use the device. Overusing the device may worsen your symptoms and pain. Therefore, you should follow the instructions your doctor gives.

What is the Working of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF sends small magnetic impulses into your body which works with your natural body’s magnetic fields to boost healing. Your body will respond and allow a recovery process that helps improve the symptoms of chronic pain. They say the therapy improves the ability of the body to produce nitric oxide, which helps reduce inflammation after an injury. PEMF can also work alongside other treatments to treat your condition and improve your systems.

What are the Benefits of PEMF Therapy?

You can achieve the following results following a PEMF Therapy treatment. The treatment improves circulation, reduces pain and inflammation, and enhances muscle functioning. Recovering from an injury can be faster with the therapy, thus improving your athletic performance. The magnetic impulse stimulates and recharges the body cells while correcting cellular dysfunctions. The therapy can also accelerate the healing process of your bones and reduce stress effects. Some patients report that they can sleep better after a PEMF Therapy treatment that may have been associated with underlying health conditions.

What are the Myths and Lies about PEMF Therapy?

You may hear some information about the treatment that may not be true. First, PEMF only works at high intensity. The intensity of the therapy depends on your condition, and you may need low-intensity therapy at certain times. Secondly, only a certain frequency can work. Different frequencies in the PEMF device can resolve different health problems. Third, PEMFs with low intensity is not effective. Health maintenance may require a low-intensity therapy treatment and are even effective. People sensitive to EMF impulses may use low intensity and enjoy improved circulation.

Find out how you can benefit from PEMF Therapy at Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC. The team will readily help you by offering effective management tips to lower pain and discomfort levels. You can greatly benefit from the treatment, so do not hold back. You can request an online appointment when you visit the website.

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