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Everything You Need to Know About Finance Certifications

No matter what the situation of the economy is, whether the economy is uncertain or going through a downturn or depression or if there is a significant boom or upturn, people who own businesses or run companies and organizations will always turn to finance companies and professionals to seek help and advice. So, if we are being honest, the finance industry will never really disappear or vanquish because without it, the economy would not survive. 

So, if the finance industry is so significant, it also needs good employees or what we call finance professionals. The job of a finance professional can be challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Now, to meet those challenges without crumbling, you need to have proper knowledge, work experience, or a good learning experience. 

Even if you think you might have enough skills to do the job perfectly, it would not harm you and especially not the company you are working in, if you sharpen your skills further. How does one do that? 

You can add more skills to your resume and even sharpen your existing skills further by doing some of the best finance certifications that can be found both online and offline, according to your convenience. These short and crisp courses will sharpen your existing skills, add new skills and knowledge and strengthen your resume, which will give you an added advantage in the job market.

Here Are Some of The Best Certificates in Finance

So that you can get the best skills required to be a great finance professional and for you to fulfill your dream, we are here to update you about some of the best finance certifications that you can do.

  • CFA Certification [Chartered Financial Analyst]

This course is easily one of the most popular and favored courses when it comes to financing. This course consists of three elaborate levels, and the total time you need to finish this course from start to end will be four years. However, this course might be slightly longer, but trust us, that is worth the work. 

The topics in this course will include Ethical and professional standards, Quantitative methods, financial reporting and analysis, Fixed income, Derivatives, etc. This is one of the most popular and sought-after financial courses; however, it is highly challenging and needs focus and drive. All good things come at a cost, don’t they? This course will prepare you for the challenges that this field proposes. If you finish this course properly, it will prove that you have a good and wide set of knowledge and also you are mentally and physically prepared to face the challenges in the finance industry.

  • CPA Certification [Certified Public Accountant]

This is not your average finance certification but an accounting certification. If you do this course, you will have exceptional knowledge and experience in accounting, which will give you a big edge in the job market. This course will include topics like auditing and attestation, business environment, financial accounting, etc. This course is perfect if you want a career specifically in accounting. 

This will give you all the skills you need to have for that job. The total fee for this entire course comes down to $3000, which is usually paid by the student’s employer. The American Institute of CPAs provides this course. This course can be completed in about 150 hours if you put a lot of hard work and determination into it; this course is not easy and needs a lot of work. However, it is more than worth it.

  • CAIA Certification [Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst]

The next best certificate in finance would be the CAIA certification which is specifically for professionals who are willing to manage alternate investments. This course is year-long and will have you doing coursework and many exams to test your progress. This certification is offered by the CAIA Association. Some of the major topics covered in this course include hedge funds, Private equity, asset allocation, and risk management. This is one of the top most certifications in finance that you can surely consider.

  • FRM Certification [Financial Risk Manager]

If you want to pursue your career as a risk professional, then this is the perfect course for you to attain skills and knowledge regarding that. This certificate course will also help you understand all about risk management. The cost fee of this course overall is $1500, and it is a one-year course. This is also one of the most sought-after and popular certifications. It is quite affordable compared to the rest and isn’t too long as it is completed in exactly a year.

  • CIC Certification [Chartered Investment Counselor]

This is a subcategory of the CFA certification course. To be eligible for this course, the student or the candidate has to be an employee at the Investment Advisor Association Firm and have at least a 5-year of work experience. This course is perfect for you if you are looking to make large portfolios and are willing to work as an expert to manage investments.

  • CMFC Certifications [Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor]

The last finance certification that we have for you is the CMFC Certification. People or students who have completed a certificate course in this are absolute experts and professionals in mutual funds. This is usually an elaborate 10-week course. This will give you an all-around insight and knowledge about mutual funds and their complexities. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was our list of the best certificates in finance that you can pursue to make a great career in the finance industry. It is never a loss to have additional and extra skills in the field that you are interested in. It will only give you an edge over your competitors, and that is always a good thing. Having additional skills will open new doors for you, and you can truly have an extravagant work life. 

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