How Do You Prepare for a Colonoscopy?

You may need this procedure if you need an exam to check your large intestines to determine the causes of changes in bowel habits. The exam may also be useful in preventing colorectal cancer, especially if you are 45 years old.  Vikram S. Jayanty M.D., a Houston, TX gastroenterologist has a lot of experience in this field and will offer the procedure in the most comfortable process possible. Of course, the procedure may seem scary, but you will get through it. You can prepare for this procedure in the steps below.

Planning for the Procedure

During your visit, your doctor will explain the instructions you will need to follow to help you get ready. Go over all these instructions well, and if you have any questions, you can always call your doctor to explain. You may need to clear your schedule and get supplies like sports drinks, low-fiber food, medical prescriptions, and wipes.

Eating a Light Diet

A few days into the procedure, you can choose a low-fiber diet that is easily digestible and can leave the body quickly. Your doctor may recommend white bread, fruits, and vegetables without skin, lean meat, chicken, fish, and eggs. You may avoid seeds, nuts, fatty foods, whole grains, and tough meat. Additionally, your doctor may recommend avoiding vitamins and supplements while advising you if you will still require certain OTC medications and blood thinners.


You may find this procedure challenging, but you may have to avoid eating any solid foods a day before. Therefore, you will have to maintain a diet of clear liquids to help you stay hydrated. You can use sports drinks, clear juices like apples, soda, coffee, and tea, and clear broth. Your doctor may advise avoiding colored food as these colors may line your colon, making it hard to see your colon. Avoid alcohol, orange juice, and milk because you cannot see through them. Also, four hours before the procedure, you may have to avoid food and drinks completely. Your doctor may advise you when you will need to stop using the clear liquids you had earlier.


The night before the procedure, your doctor recommends strong laxatives to help clean your digestive tract. Your doctor may recommend a dosage of a half-gallon of the split-dosing laxative at night, and then you will consume the remaining half-gallon six hours before your appointment. The taste may not be pleasant, but you can employ a few tricks to help you pull through it. You can keep it in the fridge so you will drink it chilled. You may mix it with your sports drink, drink it, then gulp down something sweet. You can also take a lemon slice after you finish drinking the laxative. You may have forceful diarrhea to mean the laxative has begun its work. You may also experience nausea and vomiting.

Today, you can schedule your colonoscopy appointment at Vikram S. Jayanty M.D., Houston, TX. The team you find will use a friendly approach in offering you expert care through evaluations and diagnosis. The team boasts of state-of-art technology to access your intestines and offer as accurate results as possible. Visit the website today to make your appointment.

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