How IPL Can Effectively Improve Various Skin Complaints

Several skin complaints might affect different skin types for both men and women, such as hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles, rosacea, etc. Removing these skin complaints might require IPL therapy, similar to but different from laser skin treatment. To protect your delicate skin from sun damage, hyperpigmentation, or old age, you can opt for IPL skin therapy through an IPL Cypress specialist. Learn more about IPL skin therapy and how it can improve your skin appearance.

What Is IPL Skin therapy?

IPL skin therapy is a photo facial treatment method that uses light of different wavelengths to correct various skin complaints. It uses more scattered and less focused light to penetrate your skin layers, to minimize or remove multiple skin complaints. 

IPL therapy can also prevent the growth of unwanted hair on your body by destroying or removing hair follicles through light energy. This skin treatment is more effective for people with darker skin tones or hair. 

How Does IPL Therapy Work?

Your skin usually absorbs the light energy used in IPL treatment and then converts it to heat, destroying unwanted skin discoloration, freckles, and other spots. Bear in mind that laser and IPL skin treatments are different. The latter can cover the whole body and takes a shorter tie to achieve the desired results. 

During treatment, you may feel a mild sting similar to a rubber band snapping on your skin due to the light energy hitting it. An effective IPL therapy can help you achieve vibrant, smoother, younger-looking, healthier skin or complexion.

What Should you Avoid for Effective IPL Results?

The IPL treatment is not an appropriate treatment method if you are ailing from certain skin conditions such as eczema or inflammation acne. These skin conditions can affect healing and interfere with expected optimum results. photeeq photeeq

However, if you are eligible for treatment, you should avoid drinking and smoking, waxing your skin, and using collagen injections and direct sunlight. Also, certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen can increase your chances of bleeding during treatment.  

What Should You Expect During an IPL Therapy Procedure?

Before an IPL treatment, your doctor will conduct a physical examination of your skin to determine whether you are eligible for treatment. If qualified, your doctor will clean and dry your face before giving you protective eyeglasses to avoid inflammation and damage to your eyes.

Using a handheld device, your doctor will pass over intense light pulses to the targeted skin areas that need treatment. You may experience a pinching sensation characterized by some mild discomfort as the light begins to penetrate underneath your skin surface. The treatment averagely takes 20 to 30 minutes to be completed. 

After the Procedure

After your IPL treatment, you can expect mild swelling and pinkish and reddish small patches on the treated areas. However, these side effects might begin to fade away within 24 hours. You may also develop some blemishes and darker areas on parts that were initially discolored with sun spots, proving that the treatment is working. As the skin begins to heal from the inside out, expect the blemishes and spots to flake away.

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