How Many Software Developers Are There in Germany?

The question is how many software developers are in Germany, but what does that number really mean? Let’s look at the demand for software developers in Germany. The country’s Internet market is very competitive, and 21% of all websites are built with JavaScript. PHP and Ruby are also highly sought-after languages. What are the requirements for software developers in Germany? Read on to find out. Also, find out about Income tax and visa sponsorship for software developers in Germany.

Demand for software developers in Germany

Software developers are in high demand across the tech sector in Germany, as software is increasingly becoming the core business of companies. According to a recent study by Bytom, every third company in Germany needs to hire programming experts. This shortage is unlikely to ease in the near future, as the number of jobs in the tech sector has increased by over 51% over the last year. Luckily, Germany offers a high-quality education and a rewarding career in the field.

As a developer, your expertise in software engineering is crucial, and the interviewer will test your knowledge of data modeling and architecture. Experience is also important, as you’ll be expected to be able to discuss your past projects. A typical interview question will ask you about a critical situation that you faced during a past project. You should have several years of experience in order to stand out amongst other candidates. In addition, be prepared to explain the benefits of having a high-quality degree in a relevant field.

If you’re a young, ambitious Chudovo software developer, studying in Germany could be the best option for you. Not only will it give you the opportunity to learn a new language and culture, but it will also help you make career connections. However, be sure to research the costs of living, the work culture, and the tuition before moving to Germany. Whether you choose to work for a single company or a number of companies, the demand for software developers in Germany is high and growing.

Income tax for software developers in Germany

The German income tax system has a few nuances that software developers should be aware of before deciding to move there. In most cases, a software developer who is based in Germany is considered to be upper middle class, which means that he or she will be subject to German withholding tax. The German Income Tax Act provides for certain exceptions in this regard, though. Among these exceptions are:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding income tax in Germany. For one, it’s a progressive tax, meaning that the percentage you pay goes up as you earn more. Additionally, there are six tax classes, with different rates depending on civil status, whether you have children, and so on. Even if you don’t expect to make six figures, it’s worth comparing that to the average developer salary.

For example, a foreign software developer licenses its software to a German group subsidiary for further development and commercial distribution. The German entity receives extensive usage rights, including duplication, editing, and distribution. However, it must be noted that royalties paid to the licensor are subject to withholding tax. It’s also possible to be subjected to withholding tax even though you are only using a small percentage of the software.

Visa sponsorship for software developers in Germany

If you’re a software developer looking for a new career in Germany, you should consider applying for a visa sponsorship. While some companies will sponsor your application, others won’t. Whether your employer will sponsor you or not is up to you, but having a contract, a passport, and a few other documents will help. However, visas can be a bureaucratic nightmare if you don’t have the right documents.

There are many options for getting a visa sponsorship. Many German companies do not sponsor visas, but they may be willing to sponsor your application if you have a job offer. Most German companies won’t sponsor you, but you can still apply for a job with them through an interview. For this reason, it’s important to understand the visa sponsorship process. Read on to learn more about this important topic. Visa sponsorship for software developers in Germany: What You Need to Know


If you have a degree from a foreign country but are unable to obtain a residence permit, you can apply for a work visa. A residence card or a Blue Card is issued by the German immigration authority. If your employer can sponsor your application, you can ask them to take a second look at it and get your visa. If your application is declined the second time, it is a good idea to submit a proposal to another German employer for a better chance.

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