Medical Malpractice Claims – Check The Common Types

Medical practitioners not following ethical procedures may cause personal injuries. Medical malpractice is a serious offense. It may cause injuries and even death. The advice given to people in such cases is to connect with expert law firms. Like the Naqvi Accident Injury Law, expert lawyers can be of great help.

One needs to file for compensation in such instances. However, knowing the types of medical malpractice is of prime importance too.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice That Causes Personal Injury

Wrong Or Delayed Diagnosis: Mistake in diagnosis is of major concern. This may result in wrong treatment. Further, wrong treatments lead to delays in recovery as well. This not only implies health issues but also leads to financial difficulty.

The act is medical malpractice if the physician does not:

  • Understand the symptoms of the patient and the misdiagnosis happens
  • Seek any medical testing procedure and wrongly diagnose the disease
  • Seek expert help to treat the sickness

There are various other types of errors that lead to the wrong diagnosis.

  • The test results are not wrongly labeled
  • Losing the test results
  • Mistakes happen during testing or even evaluating the test results

Failure to Treat the Patient: This is common negligence among medical practitioners.

Malpractice claims can happen if:

  • Discharging the patient before the treatment is complete
  • No, follow-up care instructions after discharge
  • No appropriate medical tests before discharge
  • Not checking the medical history of the patient before the treatment

The medical practitioner’s capacity is under question. Further, if the physician is handling multiple cases, such errors occur. In those cases, the operational resources and the management of the hospital are put under trial too.

Drug Errors: if the physician offers the wrong drugs to the patient, it is medical malpractice. Such errors commonly happen if the doctors do not check the medical history of the patient. Further, the patient can be allergic to certain drugs. If the doctor does not know it, then it is a disaster.

There are a few types in this category too:

  • Doctor giving the wrong medicine for the sickness
  • Doctors may also prescribe the wrong dosage
  • Inability to identify potential danger due to administering a particular drug

Most of the time, it is the doctor who is responsible. But, the pharmacist is also equally accountable for such malpractice.

Procedural Errors during Surgery: It is a procedural necessity to take care of a patient. Every attendant including the doctor is responsible for their role. At times, there are mistakes in the procedures and it may cause death.

Common mistakes are:

  • Conducting the surgery on the wrong part of the body
  • Surgery on a wrong patient
  • Any tools mistakenly left inside the patient
  • Any problem due to anesthesia


Many parties are involved in such cases. It can be the doctor, nurses, hospital staff, and much more. An expert lawyer in such cases is of great support. Filing for compensation and investigating the case becomes inevitable. Benefits for the clients are more than only when the right lawyer is handling the case.

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