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Understanding Facelift – Everyone understands that if a face lift is really good, it’s the most obvious and true age reversal. But I’m afraid that there are many things that I try to do, both smaller and non-surgical, such as undergoing surgery. Machines such as Thermage Hifu Ulthera RF and others, as well as various unusual thread fillers. or claiming not to have surgery Or run away to name something else, use the word Face… instead to get past the word face pull Everything said to hide Really pulling the page last.

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But if we don’t deceive ourselves The most direct result when sagging is actually excess skin. You would have to cut off the excess skin. You have to have a wound to achieve the best results based on reality. Now let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Let’s do this action.

1. Wound from face pulling

Scars, of course, everyone is afraid of scars. or wound Afraid that people will find out that they pull their faces and are embarrassed that they are becoming more and more young by pulling their faces. In fact, if the results are really better, not a strange face. Even if someone comes to look at the wound, you don’t have to be embarrassed, right?

The doctor had told everyone before that. There are different levels of facelift. from top to bottom to neck and is a preliminary factor that the doctor thinks on behalf of the patient as well that there will be minimal wounds But the wound that said this In the end, it was a faint line along the edge and where the public couldn’t even see it. The occurrence of the line that indicates the position that has been mentioned in the article on the topic of Deep Page Pulling in the complete version is starting from within me. down along the edge of the ear frame on the edge of the earlobe and close to the back of the ear and into my hair again This is the most

As for the level that was done less, the more I couldn’t see. and must make this final wound in a thin line by eliminating good tissue that is layered and sufficient to pull and Pull tight enough to produce results. But not too much until the wound restrained detailed suture Must understand the skin layer and the proper placement of welding points. It will produce the results mentioned. But it can be seen that in order to have these results, you must choose a doctor. That’s really expert enough.

2. Pain, swelling and bruising

The doctor said that the face lift surgery It’s not surgery after a lot of pain, swelling, and bruising. It’s just tight, it may be like a headache and aches during the first 2-3 days from pulling muscles too. Pain after taking Paracetamol usually suffices. and a little swelling The type can meet people in general, not swelling of the whole face, like an accident. And not bluish all over the face. There may be a slight bruise along the edge of the pull. Normally, the doctor’s patient doesn’t have a lot of bruising like that. If there is a lot of pain, a lot of bruising, a lot of blood in spots or all over. This is abnormal. indicating abnormal bleeding Open the wound to stop the bleeding for good. The swelling will also subside. and almost normal within 1-2 weeks

3. How many years can I go back to my age? Can you pull your face and last for a long time?

This depends on the question. If we have a little slack, for example, if we are a patient who does only Mini lifts, then we can reverse our age for 4-5 years, but if we are older patients, 50-60 years old, with a lot of sagging, we have to do a Full face lift. You can go back to your age as much as 10 years or more.

How long have you been there? It will begin to grow old with us again. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and then start over. no one can tell Depends on the needs and satisfaction of each individual as well, but doing so probably won’t do it in case, that is, the doctor will make the most beautiful tense that is still the nature of the movie at that time, but not pulling too tight that makes the face look strange. And the negative effect on the wound that occurs as well scar or widening scars

4. How long will the surgery take?

This question is especially for general anesthesia. Some people are afraid that inhaling the drug will cause harm. The doctor will say that this depends on the doctor who did it. There are quite a lot of variables, sometimes 8-10 hours, which the doctor felt that it was too long. For the patient himself A face lift usually lasts 1-2 hours for a top lift, up to 3-4 hours for a full face lift that does all of the face and neck only. It may be slightly longer. If done in conjunction with other procedures such as the upper eye, lower eye, fat grafting, which usually does not add more than an hour. If you have to do something for more than 5-6 hours, the doctor usually asks. Do it on separate days to prevent the patient from inhaling the drug for too long. To be safer than this is a personal principle that is already practiced.

5. What other complications are there?

Possible complications Other complications to be aware of Your doctor may tell you in a nutshell:

– numbness

There may be numbness in the area where the skin is peeled for 2-3 months and will disappear successfully from the cheek area. Under the neck, but slowly, near the incision if the edge of the ear is not wide, may take several months.

– Facial nerve paralysis

Injury to the nerve supplying the facial muscles At this point in the surgery, the doctor must be careful, this one is already number one. if we do it right won’t happen This is very important and must only be done with a specialist doctor. Otherwise, there may be a crooked face.

– Abnormal bleeding or hematoma

As said before. If it happens, you have to open the wound to drain and find the bleeding point to stop the bleeding from completely drying again. therefore have to stay with the doctor that you can always contact, not a clinic or doctor that is not standard

– Wound is necrotic or infected

In addition to the patient’s own factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking dietary supplements or having various blood clot-dissolving drugs without notifying the doctor The surgery must be done on site. with high standard A clinic or hospital where the operating room is really clean and up to standard. It’s not possible to do it everywhere.

Usually the chance of infection in This procedure is low. because no implants or artificial materials were inserted Another factor is the presence of fillers, various liquid substances that are injected into the face in particular. All illegal substances that are forbidden to use. will easily cause this problem. and cannot be predicted even in a standardized setting.

It can be seen that the results Of pulling the page that we want is not as scary as you think. This must be on the basis of being with a specialist doctor. with real expertise and understanding of the problem and surgery in a high standard facility If you have any doubts, you can come to consult.

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