Need Pest Control in Leon Valley? Watch for These Red Flags!

You have found signs of pest infestation in your Leon Valley home. Your immediate step should be seeking remediation. Getting rid of pests is a complicated job that requires experience and expertise, and not all companies offering pest control in Leon Valley, TX are the same. As a customer, you have to do your homework and ensure that you hire a service that’s worth your money and trust. Here are some red flags of pest control services in general. 

Lack of response

If a company takes too long to respond to your call or email, you shouldn’t be wasting any time on them. A professional pest control service will have an active hotline number and will do everything possible to offer the assistance you need. 

No info on license or insurance

All pest control companies working in Texas must be licensed. If a local service refuses to answer your questions about licensing, do not hire them. Also, insurance is a key aspect to consider. The company should have qualified, and insured pest control experts are working for them. Also, the company must have liability insurance. 

Too many negative reviews

If a pest control company has too many negative reviews online or on their social media pages, avoid considering them for your work. Clients often post reviews when they are disgruntled or angry, and too many bad reviews are a clear indicator of the company’s lack of expertise. 

Not explaining their methods

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Exterminators typically focus on eliminating pests, but a modern pest control company will take steps that are effective and safe. Many pest control companies have invested in resources, methods, equipment, products, and tools, which are safer for the environment, humans, and other animals. If a company doesn’t answer how they intend to fix the existing problem, you should look for alternatives.

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Not offering an advanced estimate

The cost of pest control depends on several factors, including the severity of the situation. However, if a company only talks of big discounts on the phone but doesn’t offer an advance estimate, they are definitely not the best choice. Some services in Leon Valley charge a nominal fee for the initial inspection, but that is worth paying for. Also, ensure that you have an estimate on paper with all the relevant terms and conditions.

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Don’t forget to check if the pest control company has adequate experience working in Texas. It is best to work with a local service that knows the area.

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