Offer correct diet to your diabetic patients

Diabetes has been a norm amongst the entire population around the world. Do you know? There are over 422 million people and counting diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes! While it is important to take insulin and other medicines that will help the patients control their blood glucose, they also need to consider lifestyle changes – especially related to diet.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that usually increases the blood sugar levels to an extreme extent. To mitigate its effects the heart, blood vessels, kidneys etc., the patient is required to take insulin at regular intervals. And keep a regular check on their physical activities and nutrition. As a nutrition consultant, you will come across with many people with different food preferences then how would you suggest them on their diet plan?

Here are some tips that can help,

The Greens

Greens and leafy vegetables are always filled with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. They also add less to the blood sugar levels. So, it is quite common to suggest your consultee to improve greens intake. Like Spinach and lettuce have abundance of Vitamin A & C, potassium and calcium.

The greens are also high on fiber so, these are digested easily and quickly by our bodies. Other leafy vegetables to consider are broccoli, cabbage etc. Consuming green’s juice is also in trend – you can either drink it or eat it in salads. It tastes great with chicken or Tofu for side dishes!

The fishes

Fishes are always considered to be the best source for HDL (High Density Lipoprotein). There are two types of cholesterols – one is LDL which is bad for health and heart, the other is HDL which is crucial for human’s body functioning. Fishes also come with EPA and DHA that controls your blood glucose.

Salmon, sardines, trout are the most common fishes you’d find in the market and which are also good for health when consumed cautiously. For the ones who don’t eat meat – seaweed is always a best alternative. Kelp is one of common alternative for these fatty acids.


The alternate name for citrus is Vitamin C! And this was most common pill used for the last two years when everyone was down with Covid and its variants. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for tissue repair, collagen production and enzymatic production of a few neurotransmitters.

Of course, they also have minerals too. Many fruits such as grapes, oranges and lemons are useful for diabetics. People can consume these fruits generously without having to worry about carbs. Berries are like, strawberries, bule berries, black berries also good source of Vitamin K and potassium. You can visit this tropicana cookies strain seeds to get more info about it. 

Final thoughts

Substituting one’s staple diet is the toughest for anyone changing their food habits. Instead of white bread, suggest them to try whole grain bread. Likewise, offer them with brown rice, quinoa, millets and whole grains pasta.

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