Reasons to Consider Retainers after Brace Treatment

Having a gentle smile is crucial in boosting your overall confidence and oral appearance. Today, braces have been gaining popularity as one of the best procedures to help keep your smile in line. However, braces treatment is insufficient because your teeth can still shift tilt. To avoid this, numerous individuals have embraced retainer Flushing after undergoing brace treatment to safeguard their newly aligned smile. Although the chief reason for wearing a retainer is to prevent teeth misalignment, other reasons to consider retainers after brace treatment include the following.

Improved Oral Hygiene

If you have straight teeth, it is easy to clean them. Crooked teeth increase the likelihood of developing crevices and grooves, which harbor bacteria and food debris. Once you floss and brush your teeth, you will keep them clean. The main reason you may need braces is not only for cosmetic motivations but also to avoid oral problems such as cavities, infections, and chronic issues.

Enhanced Breathing and Speech

Your teeth alignment is responsible for several elements of your day-to-day life, like communication and breathing. Sometimes you may not notice it until you find it hard to pronounce some words or breathe with straight teeth. Luckily, retainers can help you to maintain good teeth posture, which is crucial in speech and breathing.

Strengthened and Stabilized Bite

Usually, braces can affect the teeth’ alignment and the surrounding bone and tissues. Once your braces are removed, wearing a retainer ensures these bones and tissues remain in place until you become familiar with the new alignment. Your bite will be stable in the future, reducing the possibility of shaking when you chew hard foods. Therefore, you should wear retainers for 12 to 22 hours daily to stabilize the bite.

Avoiding Relapse and Reversal

The retainers assist in keeping your gum, teeth, and jaw in the right positions until they adapt and stick alone. Nevertheless, to attain proper positioning, you need to wear a retainer for some months. Kids and teenagers should wear the retainers for some years because the dentures have a higher chance of relapsing.

Avoiding Bacteria

Straight teeth and correct bite enables children to chew their food more efficiently and effectively. As a result, they will be able to attain more nutrients from the food. Thorough chewing of food surges the production of saliva. With more saliva, you will have numerous digestive enzymes to prevent plaque buildup and minimize cavities.

Preventing Clenching

In most cases, your mouth will likely feel differently once you remove your braces. As a result, you may clench your jaws as they adjust to new sensations. Clenching can deteriorate your look, bite and cause sleeping complications. Fortunately, your healthcare provider can design a retainer to prevent complications such as teeth grinding and headaches.

Braces prove integral in helping you to regain your desired alignment of the teeth and boost your look, smile, and confidence. However, to realize the maximum benefits, you should consider wearing retainers once you remove braces. If you are stuck in getting retainers, visit House of Braces in Flushing, New York. An experienced orthodontist Yon H. Lai and the team offer comprehensive and exceptional retainer care to complete your orthodontic treatment. Contact a Flushing office or use their online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

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