Reasons Why Invisalign Is the Best Orthodontic Treatment

Most people dream of having a beautiful and well-aligned smile. Therefore, if their teeth are misaligned, they keep searching for the best orthodontic treatment to help align and straighten their teeth to give them the smile they have been aspiring to heave. Among the commonly used orthodontic treatments is Invisalign because of its great benefits. Suppose you want San Leandro Invisalign® to help align your teeth. It is best first to understand why they are the best. Below are a few reasons why Invisalign is the best orthodontic therapy available.

Provide similar results to those of traditional braces

Invisalign usually uses the same technique traditional braces use to move your teeth while straightening them. Even though traditional braces usually use wires and brackets to exert pressure on your teeth, Invisalign also uses aligners to exert the same pressure. Of importance to understand is that other than tightening the archwire in traditional braces as treatment progresses, while using Invisalign, you are advised to use another aligner as you progress with your treatment. Similarly, after completing your treatment, Invisalign usually offers the same retention rates as traditional metal braces.

Deals with several concerns

Generally, Invisalign is not only effective in moving teeth but also deals with a variety of orthodontic problems. Usually, they can deal with crowded, crooked teeth, teeth with gaps in between, and overlapping teeth. They can also correct crossbites, overbites, open bites, and underbites.

They are invisible

Invisalign alignments are made using the align technology, which uses SmartTrack Material. Typically, it was made to be used when producing Invisalign because it is thin, clear, and fits the contours of your teeth, improving the quality of your smile. The material usually makes the material nearly invisible when you wear them, and people hardly notice you have something new in your mouth.


The material used to make Invisalign is invisible and very smooth, making Invisalign comfortable. Therefore, the aligners do not rub on your lips and cheek like traditional metal braces. Similarly, the fitting of aligners is tight enough to avoid irritating your gums.

Save time

Not only is this treatment easy to administer, but it also saves you time. Usually, starters require a treatment period of about twelve to eighteen months, much less than the time required for using traditional braces. However, the length of your treatment can vary depending on the nature of your condition. You also spend limited time on the dental chair, thus saving you time. Similarly, few dental appointments are needed, and the appointments you are advised to attend are also quick because you are given new aligners and no adjustments are needed.

Easy to treat

Treating your orthodontic problem using aligners is easy because you should wear them for about twenty to twenty-two hours daily. You only remove them while eating, flossing, or brushing. You are also advised to change your aligners every one to two weeks.

The advancement in orthodontic technology has made it possible to treat a variety of concerns using Invisalign. Therefore, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth and are interested in using aligners, schedule your appointment at Davidson Dental Group today.

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