Simple Ways to Get Rid of Acid Reflux

Despite what the name implies, heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has nothing to do with your heart. Instead, heartburn is a burning sensation in your chest that occurs when stomach acid backs up into your esophagus – the tube connecting your mouth to your stomach. When GERD hits, it can last for a few minutes or as long as several hours. Either way, it is uncomfortable, so looking for fast ways to eliminate the sensation before you can consider gastric sleeve Frisco procedure is essential. Below are ways to ease and even prevent acid reflux or heartburn.

Eat a ripe banana

Bananas are fairly alkaline fruit due to their high potassium content. And according to specialists, this may help counteract the stomach acid irritating your esophagus. Therefore, if you have a burning sensation in your chest, eat a banana to offset the heartburn. But remember, unripe bananas are starch-heavy, less alkaline, and may be an acid reflux trigger for some people. For this reason, you want to choose a ripe banana. Besides bananas, you can try other alkaline foods like fennel, nuts, cauliflower, and melons.

Avoid trigger foods and keep a food journal.

As mentioned above, certain foods like unripe bananas trigger acid reflux and heartburn in some people. Therefore, consider keeping a food and symptom log to identify foods most likely to give you issues. Once you have a list of trigger foods and drinks, avoid them whenever possible.

Resist the urge to eat quickly or overeat

Watching portion sizes and meals go a long way in preventing heartburn. A large amount of food in your stomach puts extra pressure on the esophageal sphincter – the valve that keeps stomach acid out of your esophagus. As such, you are likely to have acid reflux and heartburn. If you are prone to heartburn, consider eating small food portions frequently instead of one large meal. Eating quickly can also trigger heartburn, so slow down and take time to chew food.

Wear loose-fitting apparel

Tight-fitting clothing or belts that squeeze your belly can trigger acid reflux. Therefore, avoid wearing clothes that are tight in your bells area.

Adjust your sleeping position

If you have heartburn, elevate your head and chest higher than your feet; this can help ease the burning sensation. Use wood blocks to raise bedposts or place a foam wedge beneath the mattress. However, beware of pilling pillows as they are ineffective and can worsen your symptoms. Sleeping on the left side is thought to aid digestion and may work to minimize acid reflux.

Lose weight if you are obese

Excess weight exerts added pressure on your stomach, making it more likely for stomach acid to back up in the esophagus. The primary steps to losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight are regular exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Avoid late meals or snacking before bed.

Laying down on a full stomach can trigger acid reflux and worsen heartburn symptoms. Eat at least three hours before bedtime, so your stomach has enough time to empty. If you have eaten and want to exercise, wait for at least two hours.

If your symptoms are severe or don’t improve with the following tips, visit your doctor at The Bariatric Experts for treatment to get rid of the discomfort.

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