Symptoms that show that You have Low Testosterone

If you listen to sports radio, you will frequently hear them pushing ads for low testosterone treatments. They promote bigger muscles, more energy, and better sex using one pill, gel, or shot. These ads show that most men suffer from low testosterone and are looking for a way to solve it. However, even though these over-the-counter treatments could boost the issues, they are associated with harmful side effects when not administered correctly. There have been measures that the specialists outline to boost Men’s health New York by attaining higher testosterone count. The following are the common symptoms of a person with low testosterone.  

Reduced Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a major role in developing an individual’s muscle mass. If an individual has fewer levels of these hormones, they will experience loss of muscle mass. Most specialists check the muscle mass when diagnosing the condition. However, it is critical to note that even though it leads to a decrease in mass, the muscle’s strength and functionality will not change.

Reduced Sex Drive and Amount of Semen

When you start having low testosterone, you can note that you will have a low sex drive. Even though the loss of sex drive happens progressively as the person ages, when they have low testosterone, they experience a drastic loss in sexual desire over a short period. Besides, whenever they have sex, they could have less amount of semen. Semen is critical since it makes the men ejaculate and helps the sperm to move to the egg. Since testosterone helps to stimulate semen production, low semen levels could be a sign of low testosterone.

Increased Mood Swings

Testosterone plays an important role in man since it influences behaviors such as dominance and aggression. Furthermore, they boost self-esteem and boost competitiveness. When the testosterone reduces, the person will likely suffer from increased irritability, hostility, anger, lack of focus, anxiety, and depression. If you notice these signs, you should visit a specialist for diagnosis.

Increase in Body Fat

Testosterone is a hormone that affects the individual’s pathology of metabolic diseases such as obesity. For instance, when testosterone reduces, the person will likely have a higher fat mass, mostly in the central adiposity, and decreased lean mass. Besides, some men with hormone deficiency can suffer from gynecomastia, which causes breast enlargement.

Reduction in Energy Levels

Testosterone affects the individual’s motivation to carry out different tasks. When testosterone reduces, the person lacks the motivation to carry out varying activities. For instance, the person can feel tired even after having enough rest. Besides, the individual will have reduced interest in movement and exercise. You should visit a specialist if you experience reduced motivation and are tired regardless of not carrying out a task techworldgossip

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