Take Back Control of Your Life With Ketamine Therapy

Life presents you with many challenges, and while you may be able to wade through most of them, some may break you down, leading to depression. Having this disorder does not mean you’re weak, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to seek help. The Charlotte Ketamine Center experts offer ketamine therapies for depression Charlotte, to enhance the quality of your life.

What you should know about depression

Depression s a psychological disorder that results in long-lasting feelings of sadness and, in some cases, loss of interest in one’s favorite activities. Also known as clinical depression, this disorder influences your emotions, behavior, and thoughts leading to several physical and emotional problems. You may also have challenges completing your daily tasks at work or school as you may feel it isn’t worth it. Depression is more than simple mood swings that disappear with time; it is not a weakness you can snap out of. This psychological disorder requires expert care, and in severe cases, it may take a long time for you to appreciate life again finally. There is hope since most people struggling with depression have been able to recover with the help of antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Symptoms associated with depression

Although one can only develop depression once in a lifetime, you may experience several episodes that may make your life miserable. During such episodes, you may experience symptoms nearly daily unless you’re under medication. Some of the signature symptoms of depression include reduced appetite and weight loss, unexplained physical discomfort like headaches, restlessness, anxiety or agitation, sleep disturbances, loss of interest in your favorite activities, and angry outbursts. Most people with depression may experience severe symptoms that interfere with their ability to do well at school or work and their social relationships. Some patients claim that they feel miserable for no reason. Children and teenagers may experience symptoms such as being underweight, pins, clinginess, irritability, and poor performance at school. Feeling sad or down once occasionally is normal, but when these negative feelings persist for too long, you may need medical help. You can talk to your closest friend or relative and seek a healthcare professional if it doesn’t work.

How you can treat depression

During your appointment at Charlotte Ketamine Center, the team performs a thorough medical exam to obtain an accurate diagnosis. They may also review your family history and discuss your symptoms to understand your mental health better. The specialists don’t offer conventional treatments; instead, they offer ketamine therapy which has remarkable chances of success. Nebulized inhaled ketamine and intravenous infusions are some treatments you may receive.

The specialists at the practice usually recommend ketamine therapy because it is more effective than antidepressants. It works by blocking neurotransmitter receptors resulting in mood disorders like depression. The team offers this treatment as outpatient therapy, meaning you’re free to go home after your treatment. Although ketamine therapy guarantees faster recovery, it can have several side effects, including tingling sensations in your extremities, fatigue, and floating feelings.

If your symptoms are consistent with clinical depression, call the Charlotte Ketamine Center office or book your spot online for treatment.


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