The How-Tos of Roof Cleaning

Have you recently noticed that your roof has become darker than the first time it was installed and painted? How about dark spots and dots?

Molds and dirt can be the cause of these problems. It is crucial that you clean your roof so you can prevent pest infestation and rust.

Rust can damage your roof slowly; this can lead to replacement. Replacement, in return, can be more expensive than the first time you installed your roofs. You will have to destroy and remove the old roofing to be able to install new ones.

A pest infestation can damage the foundation of your house. They can also cause a series of problems and even health issues. Make sure to clean your roofs and gutters regularly.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are about to clean your roof. Do not worry; the how-tos of roof cleaning will be discussed in this article.

How to clean your roof? 

Prepare all the needed materials before starting; this way, you would not have to go down and up the ladder repeatedly. Prepare garden hose, ladder, trash bin, brush, bleach, plastic, and some slip-proof shoes.

Check the weather. On a cloudy, calm day when there is no chance of downpour and no air, clean your house roof. Avoid cleaning your roof on a sunny day since the bleach solution will evaporate too quickly, and its cleaning power will be reduced.

Refrain from using pressure washers. It has the potential to badly harm your roof by losing the shingles. Instead, use a sprayer connected to a garden hose that is filled equally with water and chlorine bleach. Choose liquid chlorine bleach of laundry strength. In terms of asphalt shingles roof cleaning, water and chlorine bleach is the most applicable method. Spray the water-bleach mixture over the roof. Let the water and bleach stay on the roof for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, start thorough cleaning.

How to know if your roof needs cleaning? 

At first glance, you may think that your roof is just old, that is why it looks dirty. What you do not know is that your roof needs a thorough cleaning.

It may only require a thorough cleaning if you notice that your roof is looking a little worn out. On occasion, moss and algae growth on a roof can make the condition of the shingles appear worse than it actually is. A skilled and experienced roofing contractor can examine your roof and consult with you regarding its condition. They can either perform the work themselves or refer you to a reliable roof cleaning business if they believe that cleaning is the best option. You can call various cleaning companies to do the job for you. Roof cleaning Charleston, SC, can help you do the job successfully.

How to pick a suitable roof cleaning company? 

First and foremost, ask around. Ask your neighbors, parents, or workmates for recommendations. They might have tried various roof cleaning companies already.

Do your research. Know what type of roof you have. Look for the companies recommended to you. How are the reviews of previous clients? What are the services they offer? Will they be able to provide your roof cleaning needs efficiently? It is a no-brainer, but you can use the internet to do all this research.

Ask for a cost estimate. From the list of companies you are considering, ask for a cost estimate so you can compare them. Afterward, you will be able to tell which company is offering the best cleaning package.

Ask questions. Admit it or not, you have a lot to learn. Do not be afraid to throw questions. Ask the companies all that you need to know. After all, you will spend money. Ensure that your money will not be wasted.

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