Tips for Preventing Ingrown Toenails

A shoe that is too tight and doesn’t allow the feet to breathe leads to foot issues which results in chronic pain and injuries to the foot. You may experience ingrown toenail Bakersfield if you wear tight shoes all the time, as the tight shoes don’t allow the normal growth of the toes. Ingrown toes lead to swelling, chronic pain, and nail infection. Excessive sweating, poor foot hygiene, cutting the toenails too short, and certain medications might trigger ingrown toenails. Home remedies and over-the-counter medications work for ingrown nails. You may need these interventions to overcome the problem.

Soak the Feet in Soapy Water

You can soak the feet to ease the pain and swelling which result from ingrown toenails. You will soak the foot in warm water for 20 minutes each session twice daily. The warm soapy water softens the toenail making it easy to trim and manage the ingrown nails. You could use castile soap, and Epsom salts might offer the needed relief.

Apply Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar seems like the solution to almost all issues, including ingrown toenails, as it is an antiseptic and painkiller. You will soak the foot in a mixture of apple cider vinegar for twenty minutes daily and wash off the solution with warm water. You will dry the foot thoroughly after soaking and pat it between the toes to avoid fungal infection. You can tuck small cotton balls or waxed dental floss at the site as it alleviates the toe encouraging the proper growth of the nail. However, your podiatrist might discourage the placement of the cotton ball as it might trap bacteria leading to further complications. But you would soak the cotton in alcohol to discourage bacterial growth Magazinefacts.

Use Antiseptic Ointment

Antiseptic ointments reduce the chances of infections on the affected toes. You can use the ointments thrice a day as they promote healing and reduce the risks of infection at the site. You can opt for the ointments such as neomycin, mupirocin, and bacitracin.

Wear WellFitting Shoes

You should wear well-fitting shoes that keep the feet healthy, as improperly fitting shoes causes ingrown toenails. The shoes should have enough toe room as it helps the toenails grow healthy. You may choose sandals as they don’t exert pressure on the toes and limit pressure, thus preventing ingrown toenails Fashionworldnow.

Remove the Nail

You may remove the toenail if the remedies which don’t work. You remove the toenail partially to alleviate the acute pain or remove the full nail if the toenail is adversely affected by an ingrown nail. The doctor will use local anesthesia when removing the parts of the nail that borders the ingrown nail. This might be a potentially painful solution and would increase the risk of infection if you don’t care for the site effectively Fashioncolthing.

Ingrown toenails occur due to ill-fitting shoes, excessive sweating, and cutting nails too short. However, you should opt for home remedies such as soaking the feet with warm and soapy water or apple cider vinegar. These solutions soften the ingrown toenails, making trimming easy, thus reducing the growth of ingrown ones. You may opt for antiseptic cream that kills the site’s bacteria and softens tissues. Finally, you will opt for ingrown toenail surgery to avoid improper growth of the toenails Fashionslog.

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