Types of Criminal Data Checks

The topic of criminal background checks in Canada can be complicated. A Basic criminal data check and an Enhanced criminal data check are the two main degrees of searches offered. Both criminal background checks in Canada need the subject’s signed agreement and an ID verification method approved by the RCMP before they may be conducted. Contact criminal defence lawyer New Westminster for the best legal advice.

  • Basic criminal data check.

The Basic criminal data check is a search of active criminal files in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records based on a person’s name and birthdate. This search will reveal any felony histories for criminal violations for which the candidate’s record has not been suspended.

Record Suspension: A pardon, also called a record suspension, may be requested through the Canadian government. It enables people to have their criminal records deleted from the CPIC database after being found guilty of a crime, serving their sentence, and refraining from being found guilty of any more crimes.

When a person’s criminal record has been cleared and no convictions have been discovered, a record suspension has been issued.

  • Enhanced criminal data check:

The Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC), often known as a criminal data check, consists of two parts:

  • The earlier-discussed Basic Criminal Record Search.
  • Check the Police Information Portal and the Investigative and Identification data banks of CPIC (PIP). The crucial data that forms the basis of an improved criminal data check is provided by these inquiries of national data banks. This investigation is the most thorough one that is legal in Canada.

It also shows:

  • If applicable and releasable, discharged guilt findings may be mentioned (Absolute discharges within one year and conditional discharges within three years).
  • Additional convictions have yet to be added to the RCMP’s National Repository of Criminal Records, whether indictable or summary convictions (CPIC). 
  • The primary criminal data check performed by the RCMP may not have all the most recently done convictions and does not contain any summary sentences (lesser criminal offenses).
  • Summary judgments (only if convicted within the past five years).
  • Activated warrants.
  • Presently pending criminal accusations may include stringent bail or release restrictions.
  • Orders in place for peace bonds, restrictions, or probation.


The CPIC and the RCMP database, filled with entries from all the Canadian police agencies from across the nation, serve as the source for all recorded charges.

Reputable and certified Canadian police services render both solutions roughly the same amount of time.

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