What Damages Can Be Recovered In A Personal Injury Case?

Have you gone through an accident, and faced severe injuries and financial losses due to the mistake of another person or company? And you do not know, What kind of damages can be recovered in a personal injury case? 

Well, a personal injury case involves a legal dispute that occurs when one party underwent injuries due to the negligence of another party. And it’s your legal right to recover economic damages as well as non-economic damages by claiming compensation for all the injuries and losses you have faced because of the carelessness of a third party. 

Whether you have gone through a slip or fall accident, a nursing home abuse, dog biting, a car accident or have endured the pain of the death of someone closed because of another person’s mistake. All these incidents highly affect your life and give you anxiety and depression along with huge financial damage. Don’t worry, get help from a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. Make yourself relax and take the time to heal as your lawyer will handle all the situations. 

What Are Economic, Non-Economic and Punitive Damages?

Economic, non-economic and punitive are types of compensation that can be claimed in personal injury cases. The percentage of economic damages and non-economic damages awarded depends on the specific circumstances of your case. 

•Economic damages

This refers to compensation for objective financial losses. Economic damages typically seem to be more authentic as they can be documented, verified, reported and even can easily be calculated. The victim can easily prove economic damages by showing bills and reports.

Some of the common examples of economic damages that can be easily recovered in a personal injury lawsuit are

•Property Damage

You can recover money for property damage if your vehicle, the house or any personal property got damaged like a laptop or cell phone etc

•Medical And future Medical Expenses

You can recover all the medical bills along with future medical treatment, therapy or surgery expenses.

•Lost income 

After an accident, you become unable to go to work and this affects your wages so you can recover them from the offender.

•Lost Job

If you become disabled and lose your job, you can recover all that money that you would have earned till retirement.

•Lost Earning Capacity

After an accident, if you are not able to work for long hours, you can recover that percentage from wrongdoers.

•Cost of household duty

You have hired a helper as you can’t look after your house and can’t do house chores after an accident. You can recover that cost as well. 

•Non-economic damages

This refers to compensation for subjective losses. It’s a form of compensation that can be claimed for pain, emotional trauma, grief, psychological disturbance and other issues that happen after an accident. 

Non-economic damages can’t be documented or easily verified. And are difficult to calculate. But Chicago personal injury lawyers can help sufferers by observing everything from the victims’ perspective and can explain how the victims have gone through psychological trauma after an accident. Your lawyer will help you to justify your non-economic damage claim.

Some common examples of 

Non-economic damages are

•Pain and Sufferings

Age, amount of economic loss and the severity of injury these factors are determined for pains and suffering

•Mental Anguish

The post-traumatic stress and mental issues you are facing.

•Loss of companionship

You lost your partner in an accident or your partner left you as you become disabled.

•Unable to Enjoy Life

You can’t enjoy any kind of activities.

•Dealing with disfigurement

It has become hard and tough to accept that you are physically disfigured after an accident.

•Punitive Damages

These damages are not compensation but these are given as an award to the victim. The jury punishes the defendant with a high penalty for recklessness and that money is given to the victim. This penalty is a lesson for others so they can avoid even a little negligence.

What Is the Process for Claiming Damages? 

Injury cases are difficult to handle by oneself. Therefore, It’s beneficial to take the help of a Chicago personal injury lawyer. After going through an accident, 

  • Your lawyer will investigate every single aspect 
  • He will collect the evidence 
  • Your lawyer will access your injuries and work for the compensation
  • Sometimes the defendant’s party asks for a settlement and if your lawyer didn’t find it enough then he will negotiate 
  • If things couldn’t settle, the lawyer will take your case to trial and claim your damages
  • Your lawyer will represent you in court 
  • Your lawyer’s main concern is to get you good compensation for all the losses you have endured.

Bottom lines

If a serious accident left you with injuries and you went through physical, emotional as well as financial damages. It’s your right to claim compensation for all the losses you have faced. 

Sometimes the opposing party also takes legal help to defend their case or they don’t agree on the compensation. Well, it will be difficult for you to compete with them alone. You better hire a. Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will make sure that you get fair compensation. your lawyer will defend you against the offenders

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