What software do recruiters use for temporary recruitment?

Temps software is the go-to recruiting platform for the successful placement of temp staff. It is different from the front office recruitment software system that is typically used by recruiters for hiring full-time, perm employees.

What makes temporary recruitment software vital in temps placement?

Hiring temp staff involves a much faster and more competitive system. If you are a recruiter who specialises in temporary recruitment, then you are already accustomed to finding staff for clients quickly, sometimes even on a day’s notice. These placements can be for as short as one day’s shift or for three months.

The objective of this type of recruitment is to have a wide network of talents and be quick in identifying the skilled and available job seekers. Having a temporary recruitment agency software platform enables recruiters to achieve their goals efficiently. Time crunch and lack of candidates are big barriers in any recruiting sector. It is only with the support of a CRM software solution that recruiters can work commendably despite such pressing challenges.

Top 10 temps software features

Of the many features that make working with temporary recruitment software so vital, here are the top 10. It is important to bear in mind that staffing agencies need a smart recruiting platform that can also act as a robust pay and bill software.

  • Simple booking sheet and shift planners
  • Live candidate planner availability and placement dashboard
  • Comprehensive compliance functionality
  • Automatic candidate and client communication
  • Outlook, Office 365 and other tools support
  • Online timesheets
  • Integrated online timesheet entry, authorisation, and approval
  • Produce self-bill invoices
  • Raise sales invoices for contractors
  • Full HMRC reporting

If you are researching the recruitment CRM system for your agency, make sure that these features are available in the software solutions you are considering.

With temps recruiting being so fast-paced, you want the ability to check for candidates and confirm their availability for the job as quickly as possible. Online timesheets and shift planners enable recruiters to book candidates swiftly. This platform also makes life easier for candidates who can use it for entering their work hours and get it approved by managers quickly which then hurries up their payment process.

All the best software for recruitment agencies will allow temp businesses and their candidates to produce self-bill invoices. This reduces the recruiter’s workload while enabling candidates to put in their exact work hours once it is authorised by their line managers. Hence, it works perfectly as a great pay and bill software.

Communication and compliance are two integral components of recruitment. As people are at the heart of recruitment, it makes sense that everyone highly values smooth communication. But the reality is often different for those who do not have the proper tech tools to uplift a better interaction process. It is difficult to keep track of everything when dealing with hundreds of candidates on a monthly basis. But a recruitment CRM software is a practical solution – it is easy to make notes during calls or interviews and save them for future use, the emails and texts are integrated into the CRM platform so it is all there in one place to look at when communicating with the candidate, etc.

The compliance checks are unavoidable. In fact, missing out on following up and getting approval on GDPR or vetting right-to-work checks can lead to fines. If you are a smaller agency, these fines might be crippling to the business. A temps software will easily help you through these complex compliance checks.

Don’t overlook the significance of software integrations. As the best temporary recruitment software is intended to be the central platform that oversees every part of recruiting – talent sourcing, communication, invoices – it is convenient to have other tech tools integrate smoothly with this CRM software.

Online skills assessment software for checking candidate proficiency and fit before booking them, telephony tools for the hundreds of calls and interviews that take place, e-signature tool for exchanging documents with clients and candidates online, etc., all must work well with the temporary recruitment agency software for recruiters to work effectively.

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