What To Do If An Insurance Company Is Suing You For An Accident?

Going through an accident is a traumatizing experience. But suppose the insurance company is suing you for a personal injury accident. In that case, it is recommended to hire the services of a well-experienced and efficient attorney. An attorney can significantly affect the result of your case and guide the procedures taking place in the initial stages of your case. Contact a car accident attorney in Roseville immediately to book a consultation.

An appropriate legal professional assists you in this process and informs you about what to anticipate from the case. A lawyer plays an essential role in communicating effectively on your behalf and ensures that you complete all the paperwork and other court procedures within the legal timeframe.

Statute of Limitation

Every state has different rules regarding the statute of limitations. It is the time frame after an accident takes place during which a victim is required to file a lawsuit against the defendant party. This can be a couple of years, weeks, or months following the accident.

Seeking medical help

If you are an accident victim, make sure to contact your insurance company and get the necessary medical care. It is advised to seek medical care and contact your insurance company after every accident you get involved in. You should contact them even if you are unsure about having severe damage or injuries. Evidence obtained during this period can become crucial in the trial of the incident you are being sued for. This evidence can help file a claim against your car insurance carrier and facilitate your defense.

Accident Scene Necessities

At the accident scene, try to remain calm and provide the required information about the accident to the respective authorities. The information is beneficial, including the follow-up police report. Moreover, the information and other evidence can be used to support your claim that you were not at fault for causing the accident. Hiring a personal injury lawyer facilitates your defense and response to the claim. Your lawyer will further help your case by reenacting the accident scene and assessing evidence gathered from the scene, like photographs and videos. They can also help get witnesses who can testify about the events of the accident and record their statements for further use in court.

Speak to a car accident attorney

Being sued by the insurance company can leave you clueless about what to do. Therefore, take guidance from an attorney to know about your options and protect your legal rights.

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