What to Expect in Family Dental Care

Did you know you should not wait until you have an oral problem to visit a dentist? Routine dental check-ups are essential as they help maintain your dental health by preventing oral health issues. It includes dental cleanings and oral examinations to analyze potential oral health problems. When they detect a problem, they offer treatments to prevent severe complications. Freedom Dental is open for access to all family dental services. Here we look at the available services.

Root canals

It is a procedure to remove the soft and infected part of the teeth to save the rest of the tooth. Usually, the tooth pulp consists of the blood vessels and nerves that help with teeth development until maturity. When a tooth has an infection, it occurs on the pulp.

Your dentist performs a root canal to extract the infected pulp and replace it with biocompatible material. The other parts of the tooth remain functional and intact.

 You may require a root canal if you have tooth discoloration, tooth pain, increased sensitivity to cold and hot, or an abscess. Immediate dental care is appropriate when you have these symptoms to prevent complications. A tooth that had a root canal may also develop an infection, indicating the need for another root canal.

Your provider uses a numbing medicine during the root canal procedure to prevent discomfort.

Dental implants

Dental implants provide an effective method to restore missing teeth. It involves a metal post made of titanium inserted in your jawbone. The implant stimulates bone tissue growth, allowing the metal post to merge with the jawbone and provide a lasting solution.

Dental implants feel and function like your teeth and enhance a natural smile. In addition, they are comfortable, and affordable and preserve your facial structure and volume.

Tooth extractions

Tooth extraction is not always the first option. But when you have a damaged tooth that is beyond repair, your provider may recommend a tooth extraction. Your provider may recommend tooth extraction to restore your bite, relieve pain and prevent further damage.

You may need an extraction if you have an injured tooth, crowded teeth, a tooth infection, or severely decayed teeth.

Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry helps people with dental anxiety to access oral care without fear. Your provider may offer various sedation dentistry medications such as oral medications, IV sedatives, and inhaled gas to help you stay calm during the procedures.

You may benefit from sedation dentistry if you have sensitive teeth, a low pain tolerance, difficulty sitting still, and a sensitive gag reflex.

Sedation dentistry is helpful to children with a fear of visiting a dentist.

Gum disease

It is a bacterial infection of your teeth. Without treatment, gum disease may lead to tooth loss. The disease may also cause body inflammation which may cause conditions such as arthritis, stroke, or coronary artery disease.

Seek treatment for gum disease when you notice loose teeth, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and gums or swollen gums. Good oral hygiene can help treat gum disease at an early stage and prevent complications. Contact the Freedom dental care team today to schedule your consultation.

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