What to Know Before Getting a Spray Tan

Summer is fast approaching, which means time for leather jackets to retire and get that summer tan going. There is no need to spend hours basking in the sun to get a perfect tan; a spray tan offers the right sun-kissed glow this summer. It provides an ideal tanning solution that won’t make you look like an orange pumpkin. Professionally done Verona spray tans result in a gorgeous glow that improves your summer.

Moisturize before getting a spray tan

It is vital to moisturize before a spray tan but be careful with body lotion before your session. Avoid heavy body lotion on the day of your spray tan because this can interfere with the tan development. However, ensure you moisturize commonly dry areas like your elbows, hands, wrists, feet, and back of your heels to prevent an uneven spray tan.

Wax or shave and exfoliate before tanning.

Remember to remove body hair before getting a tan; if you want, this should be done at least 24 hours before getting a spray tan. Waxing a day earlier ensures your hair follicles have settled, and you’ll get a perfect finish. If you forgot to shave, you could do that before getting a spray tan. However, don’t use shaving oil as it can form a film on your skin, preventing the tan from penetrating properly. After shaving, splash cold water on your skin to calm the skin.

Getting rid of body hair before a tan prevents a cross-hatched pattern from appearing on your skin, especially if you have long hair. You also don’t want to shave afterward since the color may quickly fade. 

Wait for the first shower.

How long before you can shower depends on the type of spray tan you have received. But ideally, you should wait four to six hours before taking your first shower after a spray tan session. Contact with any water may result in streaks which are usually unsightly. Therefore, you also want to avoid sweating, swimming, or applying body products. When you shower, remember to pat dry and not rub your skin.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is also essential after a spray tan session; drinking plenty of water and moisturizing regularly (Avoid oil-based moisturizers since they can make your skin blotchy). When your skin is hydrated, it won’t shed and will hold onto the color for longer. Avoid drinking alcohol if you are on a long-haul flight since this dehydrates your skin, encouraging the tan to fade. You also want to avoid chlorinated water, hot showers, and baths with oils.

 Your tan will last a few days.

The average lifespan of tans is about five to ten days, depending on factors such as your lifestyle, pre and post-tan care adherence, and beauty or skincare routine. The longevity of your tan also depends on the shade you choose. For example, a light skin finish may fade off quicker due to a lighter application. Hormones may also affect how long your tan lasts. For some people, their skin doesn’t take the tan well if they get it done a week before their period is due or during their period.

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