5 Types Of Catastrophic Car Accidents! A Quick Read

Hundreds of car accidents happen daily due to various reasons. Some car accidents are too severe that they cause the victim’s death. While some car accidents and not too severe and only cause financial damages or psychological traumas. Car accidents happen due to various reasons. Sometimes the accident occurs due to the personal neglect of the driver, while other times, the car collision occurs due to other driver negligence or deliberate action.

The victim of a car accident and other drivers should know about the causes of car accidents to prevent themselves from such terrific accidents in the future. The victim of catastrophic car accidents can take legal help and guidance from a professional personal injury lawyer and claim a lawsuit against the perpetrators. Kansas City car accident lawyers are the most cooperative, intellectual, and experienced lawyers who can help the victim of a car accident recover their financial, physical, and emotional damages from the victimizer.

Five common types of car accidents

Different car accidents happen for particular reasons. A few common car accidents and their causes are given below.

Rear-End Collisions/ side collision

A rear collision means when the car is hit by another vehicle on the rear side. Rear-end or side collision is the most common type of car accident that happens every day on motorways. The main reason behind the rear-end car collision is that the vehicles follow the car too closely that when the car suddenly stops, this hit by that vehicle. Rear-end collisions happen due to the faulty driving of other people who try to cross the car in a hurry. The best way to prevent such car collisions is to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles to cross without collision easily.

Single Car accidents

A single-car accident is another type of car accident that happens when a driver continues driving negligently. Most car accidents are single accidents that don’t involve strikes with other vehicles. Single car accidents happen due to various reasons such as overspeeding, unprofessional driving, slipping on the ice, hitting static objects, etc. According to a survey, most single-car accidents involve teen drivers who are very impatient, careless, and enthusiastic about driving.

Car accidents during the night

Night-time car accidents are another very common type of accident that happens daily and puts people’s lives in danger. Night-time car accidents can happen due to various reasons. Some nighttime accidents happen when the driver gets sleepy in the car and thus unconsciously collide with another vehicle. Sometimes, nighttime accidents happen due to harsh weather conditions such as smog in the night, decreasing the visibility of the road and increasing the chances of accidents. Night-time car accidents also happen due to driving in a drunken situation. People addicted to alcohol consumption are serious victims of terrible car accidents, putting innocent people’s lives in danger. Reckless driving is a legal crime, and the law should punish the perpetrators of such crime. Kansas city’s car accident lawyer can help to provide further detailed information about various types of car accidents and claim lawsuits for such accidents. They also help the victim recover damages from a faulty driver whose reckless driving makes him suffer.

Tire blow out

Premature tire blowout on a motorway is also a major type of car accident. Car accidents due to tire blasts may sometimes be fatal because when the car is overspeeding on a heavy traffic road, and suddenly the tire blows out, it can cause a terrible accident. The car drivers need to check the air into their car tires before starting the road journey.

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Break fail 

Break failure is also a very prominent reason for serious car accidents. A faulty brake system can cause serious injuries to the driver. Car accident drivers need to check the brake system as breaks are the most vital car parts!

Sum Up

Various types of car accidents happen due to different reasons. The car drivers need to take those factors that cause terrible accidents and crashes on heavy traffic roads. The victim of car accidents who suffers from a chaotic accident and huge personal damages can contact a personal injury lawyer for legal help. If the faulty driver agrees to mutual settlements, it’s good, but the victim must consult a lawyer if he refuses to pay damages. A well-experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will make the accuser guilty of a crime and recover financial, physical, and psychological damages. The personal injury lawyer will also take care of the insurance company and their tactics to help the victim to get their proper insurance amount. Contact now (816) 800-9871 to schedule a free appointment!

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