Click Here to See if Zinc or Titanium Oxide Sunblock Is Best

When you’re looking for the best sunscreen for your and your family’s needs, it can lead you to feel like you’re reading some kind of alien language. One ad will tell you to click here for the best sun protection’ while another will tell you exactly the same. They can’t all be right, right? 

Now, many people have become aware that mineral products are superior – for a whole host of reasons – but what happens when you have to choose between different mineral products? A little research will tell you that there are both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide options available, so it’s important to understand the differences.

Should I Click Here or Click There?

When you see titanium dioxide sunscreen on one link online and zinc oxide on another, it can be hard to know whether to click here or click there. Essentially, they’re very similar in what they do. 

Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide occur in nature without humans having to mix them and create them artificially. Also, they both work from the surface of the skin, providing a barrier without having to be absorbed by the skin’s upper layers. That means they both work from the moment they’re applied. 

It’s Difficult for a Layman to Separate Them 

They’re also both ecologically friendly, meaning they don’t impact the environment in the same way chemical brands do. Apart from the fact they have different names, it’s difficult to see much of a difference between the two. 

If you really want to see the difference between the two, however, you have to look past the obvious. The difference lies at the molecular level and in the protection it provides. 

One Protects Against UVA & UVB Rays – The Other Doesn’t 

If you look at the UVB ray protection both provide – that’s the direct rays you get on a sunny day – they’re both very good at stopping any kind of damage. Obviously, you need to keep up with reapplication every 2 hours that you’re outside, but if you do that, both with ensure you go home as UV damage-free as you left earlier in the day.

However, when you look at UVA rays – that’s the type that can get you through the clouds – that’s where the rub lies. Zinc oxide remains very effective at safeguarding the skin against UVA damage, however, titanium oxide…not so much. It will still protect you to a certain degree, but the UVA barrier is just not as comprehensive as its zinc oxide counterpart. 

Now You Know Whether to Click Here or Click There!

Now that you have the information, we hope you see that it’s an easy decision to make. The facts provide all the guidance you need on whether to try a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide product. 

It’s all about the coverage, as zinc oxide is simply better at offering broad-spectrum coverage. No one in their right mind would knowingly expose their skin to the chance of sun damage, signs of ageing and that horrible feeling that sunburn delivers. It’s zinc oxide every day of the week. 

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