An ultimate guide to an academic appeal in Philadelphia

In simple terms, an academic appeal is a request for a review of a judgment made by an academic authority charged with making decisions about student progression, evaluation, or rewards. A lawyer that appeals to such judgments is an academic appeals lawyer.

Why this policy?

The Student Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure provides fair and orderly procedures for requesting reconsideration of academic decisions.

Dismissal from University

Being dismissed from the university for any reason might have major repercussions in your life. An academic Appeals lawyer can assist you in appealing your university’s decision to exclude you or refuse to readmit you after a term of exclusion. Suppose you believe your exclusion was caused by your institution’s unfair rules, procedures, decisions, or unreasonable conduct by a staff member. In that case, you can appeal to the university first and then to the relevant Academy.

Fees waiver

You can petition to waive your fees if you can show that you failed your subject(s) due to a medical condition beyond your control. That implies your costs will be repaid, or your HECS/HELP debt for that subject will be canceled.

Misconduct in academic and other aspects

Being found guilty of academic misconduct is a severe problem that might have long-term consequences. Flow on registration or detrimental repetitional issues might occur in several professions. Your lawyer can assist you with preparing your appeal and legal filing.

Improve your grade

Universities have appeals systems in place if there is disagreement with the results they have given out. You can challenge your result based on academic judgment or procedural issues such as a university employee’s inappropriate behavior or the university’s failure to follow specified procedures.

Get rid of your ‘FAIL.’

You might be able to have your ‘fails’ removed from your academic record if you failed a course due to circumstances beyond your control. This can lead to job opportunities, course transfers, postgraduate study, and exchange opportunities. For international students, it could imply that you have fulfilled your visa requirements. We take pride in being able to clearly explain and navigate the law and layers of bureaucracy that these appeals entail. An academic appeal lawyer will assist you in drafting requests and obtaining the evidence needed to offer the best possibility of success in the future.


A successful appeal must show that you understand the things that went wrong, accept responsibility for your academic failings, outline a clear plan for future academic achievement, and be truthful with yourself and the committee.

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