Arthroscopy: A Minimally Invasive Way to Treat Dogs with Joint Pain

During the olden years, dogs felt a lot of pain, and they couldn’t endure the pain to a great extent. It also becomes difficult for them to walk around. They feel tired most of the time because of extreme physical activities.

Most dogs experience osteoarthritis. This happens when the cartilage becomes damaged by rubbing bones against each other. There are two severe types of arthritis that dogs experience. One is the inflammation due to the rubbing of the bones. The rash is caused mainly by bacteria or viruses.

One of the arthritis is also caused by the ticks present in the dog’s body. Whatever it may cause, the dogs will feel a lot of pain, and it is time you should take them to a vet.

What are the causes?

Firstly, the dogs will start developing joint problems like hip or elbow displacements. This may also happen if there are any previous injuries to the bone joints. Further, when you take your dogs to the vet, you should provide all the medical information about your dogs. If they have suffered from any injury in the past, you should mention that also. The vet will be doing all the physical exams of the bones and joints.

Also, they might require X-rays of the bone joints to know the problem going on. You can keep the dogs in the best electric dog fence while the vet examines the dog. The wall is up to a limited area, and the dog can’t move while the exams are on.

The Arthroscopy treatment

It is a surgical procedure for the best treatment of arthritis using the minimally invasive approach. It is an open surgery, so most dog owners are against the surgery too. But it is the best arthritis cure in dogs that you know. Also, the medicine has taken the advanced stage with arthritis getting cured in dogs. So most owners prefer the surgery to take place only in the affected areas.

The surgery will occur without any problems when the damage is to the shoulder or bone areas. It is also best for treating any swelling or inflammation.

How does the procedure take place?

Firstly, the vet starts by making small incisions on the affected joint’s skin. It just needs a few incisions to make the procedure an easy one. In open surgery, the cut needs to be a bigger one. Then a special camera is put inside after making the incision. The camera captures all the video images of how the joint looks.

This will help the vet in understanding how to carry on the surgery. Next, the vet uses the arthroscope. It is a thin instrument used during the entire surgical process. The device has cables for better capture of the inside of the joints. There are magnifying lenses too for making the parts appear bigger. Finally, the dog is put under anesthesia to continue the surgical procedure.

Advantages of picking up the procedure

  1.     The surgery is a quick and fast way of performing and is an invasive method.
  2.     The pet’s body will not have too many marks on it, and the tiny marks will disappear in some days. There is very little damage done to the tissues, and the dogs can walk quickly even after the surgery.
  3.     The pet is relieved from the pain with the help of the surgery.

The efficiency rate of Arthroscopy procedure

The arthroscopy procedures have high success rates and have minimal impact on the bodies. Even the pets don’t feel a thing and the wounds also heal faster than other surgical procedures. This leads to better bone movement in dogs. After the surgery, you can keep the dogs in the best electric dog fence. They will get some rest, and you can feed them from inside the fence.

After the surgery, all the dogs will be closely monitored after waking up from the general anesthesia. Pain medication should be given to the dogs as advised. After the surgery, they will feel a little bit of pain, but it will go away within hours. The vet might prescribe oral pain medications. These should be given only as per the required doses. After the dog is home, the incision should be checked daily. If you see any infection signs, immediately take the dogs to the vet.

While the healing process is going on, don’t let your dogs walk or run. Limit their physical activity for faster healing. Go for a follow-up appointment just two weeks after the operation. If the surgery were for any diagnostic purposes, the treatment regime would be changed.

The entire procedure costs somewhere about $ 1500 to $4,000. Specialized equipment is used in the process, causing the prices to go up. The surgeons should receive special training for this purpose.


If you see any such joint pain conditions in dogs, immediately take them to the vet. Some dogs get okay only with medicines. It’s your responsibility to give the best health care to your dogs. When your dog is in pain, pay great attention to them.


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