Does the CEO of Twitter Live in NY?

Does the CEO of Twitter live in New York? We’ll find out! Twitter’s new CEO is Bret Taylor, who’ll take over from Jack Dorsey, and will be based in New York. Jack was the founder and CEO of Twitter. He has been known to spend a lot of time in the city, and he’s clearly very proud of his new role.

Dorsey has been the CEO of the company since 2011, but he’s been under intense scrutiny from investors and lawmakers since his appointment. Elliott Management, an activist investment fund, had pressed Dorsey to resign after he said he wanted to spend up to half a year in Africa. The two sides came to an agreement in 2017, with Elliott Management agreeing to let Dorsey stay as CEO and bringing on $1 billion in new funding from Silver Lake.

Agrawal’s background in engineering and product development is a plus for Twitter, and he’ll bring his engineering experience to the company. Kelley also pointed out that Agrawal played an integral role in developing the company’s machine-learning software for content removal. That software is a crucial piece of Twitter’s platform, and he’ll lead hundreds of engineers. Despite the fact that he’s not a techie, Kelley defended Agrawal’s background and experience in the company.

Twitter employees say they’re happy with Beykpour as CEO, though the Senate Judiciary privacy subcommittee chairman doesn’t know his background, and has declined to comment on the ban on political ads and the suspension of Trump. This is because Gadde was central to the decision to ban Trump. But Dorsey ultimately deferred to him. However, the company’s board hasn’t divulged the names of its other candidates.

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