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Ordering a professional logo design is not always possible. Fortunately, several online programs allow you to create your own, pretty good logo. The services on our list are made in such a way that even a person without special training can make a really valuable logo.


AI logo generator Turbologo is an innovative development in the field of graphic design. This tool works based on AI, using a huge database of styles, designs, and ideas for creating quality and stand-out logos. To create a unique graphic mark, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Specify the company name, slogan (if necessary), and business scope.
  2. Choose a color scheme and icon.
  3. Choose one of the options you like and edit it if necessary.

Turbologo allows you to create an AI logo in minutes, which will attract potential customers and leave all competitors behind.


To create a logo, the Withoomph service needs the name of your company and a few keywords about what it does. If you sell food, you need to enter the word “food”, and “health”, if you are in the florist business – “florist”, “flowers” and so on. Based on the keywords, the service offers dozens of different logos. After choosing the right logo, you can edit the details of typography and design. The cost of creating a logo on the Withoomph service starts at $30.

Garden Logo

Garden Logo has a few more options compared to the Withoomph service. This has its advantages and disadvantages. If you lack experience and basic knowledge of graphic design, creating a logo for this service can be quite a challenge. On the other hand, Logo Garden’s services are completely free. Once you choose your industry, images, and colors, you simply need to enter your email address, to which you will receive a link to download the logo.


upLevo allows you to create not only logos but also advertising banners, prints, and covers for books. Using this service is quite simple. All elements are edited completely intuitively. Creating a logo in upLevo is not free, and it only makes sense if you also use other features of this service.


If you already have some idea of what your logo should look like, you can try to create it online at Logoshi. Using not-too-complicated algorithms, a drawing is turned into a real logo. You can buy it for $19 in high quality, or download it for free in low quality. Logos created in Logoshi are quite simple, so nothing is stopping you from redrawing them in a graphics program to a higher-quality file.


LogoMakr is very similar to Microsoft Paint, only geared toward creating logos. Here you can choose the font, and color and create images of simple geometric shapes. The service is quite primitive but available for free. You can choose any resolution, and you can even download your logo without registration.


There is nothing left to do but test the mentioned services and design your logo. However, if you do not feel up to creating a logo on your own, it is worth using the services of professional graphic designers. You can go to an advertising agency or have your logo designed by freelancers.

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