Reasons Why You Should Visit a Gynecologist

It is everybody’s dream to have a healthy body. However, our bodies are prone to suffer from various health conditions. For instance, women have reproductive and sexual problems that they have normalized. These conditions affect the overall body functioning and increase the risk of suffering infertility and other sexual-related diseases. To preserve your sexual and reproductive condition, consider reaching out to Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto OBGYN for professional help. The following are the reasons why you need to visit a gynecologist.

Vaginal odor

Vaginal order is an unpleasant smell that comes from the vagina. The smell occurs during sexual intercourse, menstrual cycles, or pregnancy. The smell results from poor hygiene, diet, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Vaginal odor has different ways of treatment. If you suffer from this condition, you should visit a gynecologist to determine the cause of the problem and offer the best treatment.

Pap smear

A Pap test is done in the vagina to detect cancer in the cervix. It is necessary to have regular pap tests, especially if you are over twenty years old. The doctor might recommend a colposcopy exam or more tests depending on the result.

Discomfort during intercourse

Painful intercourse implies that there is a problem. Pain can be caused by sexually transmitted infection (STI), vaginismus, dryness, and a change in hormonal levels. Treatment of sexual discomfort depends on the cause. Hormone replacement therapy might be used to stop the condition. Sometimes the gynecologist changes drug prescriptions to restore natural lubrication.

Painful periods

Monthly periods are always irritating among many women. Sometimes it can be accompanied by unending painful experiences. Endometriosis, cervical stenosis, and fibroids are common causes of menstrual cramps. A gynecologist will determine the cause and develop the best treatment plan.

Uterine fibroids

Fibroids are growth that occurs in a woman’s uterus. Uterine fibroids can cause excessive bleeding during menstruation and increase the risk of infertility. Iron supplements and vitamins can help by giving energy during bleeding. A gynecologist may perform hysterectomy surgery which eliminates fibroids from your body.

Breast issues

Breast exams are necessary for the early detection of breast cancer. The exam also identifies lumps on the breast surface. The physician conducts a mammogram x-ray exam to be sure you do not have cancer. A gynecologist educates you on cancer risk factors and offers the best ways to reduce the risk.

Vaginitis screen

A vaginitis screen helps to determine if you have a normal vaginal discharge. Moreover, it is used to check the presence of sexually transmitted infections. Sexually active women are recommended to have regular screening to reduce any risk of infection. Gynecologists advise on proper medication and the best lifestyle to avoid any disease in the future.

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