Techniques for open rhinoplasty

1. Open rhinoplasty technique using silicone together with ear cartilage.

Open rhinoplasty using silicone and ear cartilage. It is a nose augmentation by using medical silicone to increase the height of the nose bridge and using cartilage behind the ear to sew the silicone tip. The advantage behind the ear cartilage is that the bone is stronger than the tissue. Can handle quite a lot of tension. It is safe for the body. Less complications and no reaction to the body This technique is very suitable for people with thin nose tips and people who want to have a sharper nose tip. The surgeon will use the ear cartilage to support the tip of the nose to prevent future perforation.

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2. Open nose augmentation technique using silicone together with the ribs

Open rhinoplasty using silicone and ear cartilage. The surgeon will augment the nose bridge using silicone. Then the rib cartilage is used to connect the tip of the nose. The advantage of rib cartilage is that the bone is stronger than the ear cartilage and fits in well with the body. It is safe for the body. Reducing the incidence of fibrosis in people with thin nose tip Rib cartilage will help prevent contraction of the meat at the tip of the nose as well. Suitable for people with thin nose tips The tip of the nose is tight and deformed. People who do not want to use the bone behind the ear Including people who are limited in terms of using rib cartilage to bring the whole nose.

3. Open rhinoplasty technique with 100% rib cartilage from your own body without using silicone.

100% of the rib cartilage from one’s own body. In rhinoplasty, the surgeon will remove the rib cartilage from the client’s body and use it to augment the nose’s prominence. Suitable for people allergic to silicone and want to augment the nose without using foreign objects which has the advantage The body will not react to it. Help reduce inflammation, infection, and reduce fibrosis. Gives a beautiful, natural-looking nose shape and prevents penetration well. The used rib cartilage is the least active part of the body and therefore does not affect the structure of the body. For those whose surgeons have determined that they cannot use their own ribs. The surgeon will recommend the use of a rib prosthesis. or other materials such as TnR Mesh instead of rhinoplasty

Implantable ribs are nasal implants that are sterilized, similar in appearance and properties to rib cartilage from the body. Helps reduce inflammation and reduce fibrosis Suitable for those who are allergic to silicone and are limited in the use of rib cartilage from their own body.

Artificial tissue is a synthetic material instead of silicone. It is sterilized and is soft and porous like a sponge. Most of them are used to support the tip of the nose. Or in some people, TnR Mesh may also be used to augment the nose bridge depending on the suitability and evaluation of the surgeon.

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