What Are The Common Approaches to Pest Control? 

Bugs are everywhere, and your yard is no exception. But what if you overlook it? A severe infestation can occur if there are too many of them. Fortunately, there are numerous methods for controlling pests inside and outside your property. Look at the four major types of Pointe Pest Control procedures to see which one best suits your needs. Later, you can connect with the professionals to treat your yard and property if you wish to protect it against bug infestations. 

Registered Pesticide

A pesticide needs to undergo the registration procedure to be approved. This method examines the pesticide’s contents and intended application, frequency of use, and disposal method. The procedure aids in assessing the possible damage (immediate and long-term) that pesticides provide to the environment, human, plant, and animal life. 

Insect Growth Regulators

As they mature, insects go through several stages. An insect growth regulator slows down the development of an insect from egg to adult. Most growth regulators are effective in the egg, larva, and pupa but not on adult insects.

This kind of pesticide is used on eggs that never hatch, thus stopping infestation growth. 


Chemicals called insect repellents keep some pests at bay. FDA-approved products are more likely to function properly and be secure for use by people.

In addition to using repellants, attractants may also be used. Chemicals and scents known as attractants draw pests and insects. You can do this to draw bugs to a remote area of your yard where they won’t be destructive to your house.


Pheromones are organic compounds that insects utilize to interact with one another. They can emit pheromones that signal other insects to gather in an area with a lot of food. They even employ pheromones to alert other bugs if there is a threat. When you employ pheromone pest control techniques, you can trick insects into believing there is food far from your home and danger nearby. Pheromone traps, which draw pests to a specific region, are the smartest method to use pheromones.


Nobody wants insects to take over their house and yard, and pest control ensures that doesn’t happen. With more and more pest control methods available, it is smart to get some guidance from pest control professionals before choosing the ideal one for your house.

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