What To Do If The Car Accident Happened During Bad Weather?

Driving during bad weather conditions is risky for drivers and their families. Wet pavement, dense fog, heavy snowfall, or heavy rain can reduce visibility within a matter of seconds. And that can lead to severe casualties or death.

According to The US Department of Transportation (DOT), it has been reported that more than 5.8 million vehicle wrecks happen every year and out of them, nearly 1.2 million means 21% of accidents happen due to bad weather. Furthermore, it has been researched that wet pavement and rain are the top causes of bad weather that resulted in fatal and non-fatal injuries in car accidents. 

Certainly, no one can avoid bad weather but what the drivers can do is, they can drive their cars at the average speed and maintain the distance between them so they can avoid disastrous car accidents. Well, if you have faced an accident due to the negligence of another driver during poor weather then it’s better to take the help of the West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer.

Why Driving In Bad Weather Is Dangerous?

Various factors make the driving difficult during bad Weather including

  • Snowfall or heavy rain affects the visibility so the driver enables to maintain the gap between the cars
  • Wet pavement affects the friction as the result it becomes difficult for the driver to control the car and maintain the grip
  • Bad weather increases the possibility of complications and the driver does not operate their vehicle correctly. For example, precipitation highly affects the vehicle performance
  • Further bad weather affects more as it also depends on the experience of the driver and his driving skills, driver’s abilities to handle the situation, how he drives on the slippery road or what precautions he takes, can he regulate the car at traffic signals or his technique of control speed. 

Can You Get Compensation After a Car Accident In Bad weather?

People suffer badly due to unexpected accidents and unfortunate incidents. The victim needs medical care for a long time because of severe injuries and suffers from financial crises and lost wages as he will be unable to work for days or months. It’s quite stressful to deal with huge medical expenses. 

If your car collides with another car during bad weather, you may consider this accident as the result of bad weather but this is not always the reality. Even during bad weather, drivers can be held accountable if they didn’t maintain their speed, were drunk, felt drowsy, or got distracted due to something. 

If the fault wasn’t yours then you can claim compensation for property damage, and medical expenses from the at-fault party or the insurance company of the at-fault party.

Safety Tips To Avoid Car Accidents During Bad Weather

No doubt driving in rainy or snowy weather can be challenging, but several tips can help you to minimize the chances of accidents during bad weather. I’m going to share some

  • Slow down the speed of your vehicle during rain. Like if you are travelling at the speed of 100-mph then it’s better to lower it to 80-mph or from 80-mph to 60-mph. Keeping the traffic in mind.
  • Increase a little more distance between the cars as compared to normal days. You will reach your destination a bit late but it will save your and others’ lives.
  • Make sure your headlights are functioning properly. Don’t drive at night if your headlights indicate low beams. 
  • High-speed merging or quick lane changes increase the risk of accidents during bad weather. Most drivers lose their control so it’s better to maintain patience, drive carefully and not make a hurry. 
  • It’s better to stay toward the middle of the road. It will help you to avoid deep water holes during heavy rain.
  • Always inspect your vehicle’s tires, battery, fluids and other essential and technical things. The poor weather welcomes us without letting us know so your vehicle needs to be updated all the time.
  • Don’t forget to always have emergency kits in your cars along with extra cell phone batteries or power banks in case of emergency.


People enjoy going for long drives during rainy or snowy weather but it takes no time to turn happiness into a terrible despair. No doubt bad weather can be the reason for accidents but driver’s negligence also causes the mishaps. Maybe the collision happened because the driver was driving at full speed, either he was drunk, drowsy, or got distracted. 

If you or your dearer ones have faced such a painful situation then it’s better to hire the West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate the case and collect the evidence and if he found that another driver is responsible then he will surely claim compensation and make the offenders hold accountable.

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