5 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Breast Augmentation

If your breasts make you feel self-conscious or just want a more shaped appearance, breast augmentation may be the proper procedure for you. Breast augmentation Toronto is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that help women improve their breasts’ position, size, shape, and placement.

 If you have decided to undergo breast augmentation, being armed with the right information is vital. 

Here are things you should know before getting a breast augmentation;

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions

 Even if you have spent hours upon hours researching all you want to know about breast augmentation, there will be things you can’t foresee until you meet with a plastic surgeon. It’s normal and expected to have many unanswered questions when you show up for your first session. Discuss several essential elements of your breast augmentation, such as:

  • The best implant for you in terms of size and type
  • The method or location of the incision you require
  • The expected price of your procedure
  • What to anticipate during recovery

2. Recovery will occasionally be uncomfortable

The recovery after breast augmentation is not as lengthy or challenging as other plastic surgeries, but it is not a walk in the park either. During your recovery, your breasts may feel uncomfortable, swollen, sore, or tight. They may also feel itchy, hot, or heavy. Fortunately, these symptoms are prevalent in the first three to five days following your treatment, after which patients report a marked improvement in comfort. Within a week or two, most breast augmentation patients return to work and everyday activities.

3. Be patient – it could take some time to get your final results.

Though the first healing stage only lasts a few weeks, the final settling of your implants might take up to six months. It’s normal to worry that your implants won’t appear particularly natural for the first few months. They can feel thicker through the skin at the borders, rest higher on your chest than you imagined, or feel tighter than you anticipated. Your implants will soften and sink into the natural pocket in your breast tissue as your body heals from the procedure, giving them a more seamless appearance and feel.

4. Getting used to your new breast size and shape will take some time.

Bigger breasts will change the body physically and aesthetically. Our bodies typically develop and change gradually over time, so the abrupt change in breast size following breast augmentation may be both thrilling and unsettling. Your body will seem different, and you are expected to feel unsure about your new breasts first. You will probably need to fit in new bras, get new clothes and get used to wearing the proper support gear while exercising.

5 Selecting the right surgeon is extremely important

Working with a skilled plastic surgeon you can trust makes the entire breast augmentation operation more straightforward and more comfortable. Your surgeon should ideally have a valid medical license in your state, be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, perform surgeries at a surgical facility or hospital with accreditation, and be specifically skilled in breast augmentation procedures.

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